Architect Salary

architect salaryBasic Architect Salary Information:

Normally the Architect salary ranges from $40,975 to $93,448. An architect designs buildings, and oversees the construction of the buildings they have designed. This is very important and thus requires high degree of education and confidence to pull off the job. They also must have practical knowledge of building codes and regulations, and other relevant property related laws. This gives the profession an architect salary at $59,620. This salary is however affected by a number of different factors. Out of those the most important factors are Geographical location and experience. The two tables below will show the difference respectively.

State Range of Architect Salary
California $41,492 – $91,639
New York $44,134 – $96,516
Texas $39,105 – $86,630
Illinois $38,541 – $83,073
Washington $40,784 – $77,525
Florida $38,382 – $90,699
Pennsylvania $38,938 – $74,332
Experience Range of Salary
Less than a year $35,590 – $50,965
1 to 4 years $35,031 – $60,417
5 to 9 years $41,825 – $70,898
10 to 19 years $49,337 – $88,555
More than 20 years $55,392 – $111,447

As you can see the average salary of an architect scales very well as you get more experienced. I have mentioned that confidence is an important trait in architecture. Only experience can give you that confidence you require.

Other Factors and Influences that determine Architect salary:

The Architect Salary is often compared to the salary of a HVAC Technician. One of the biggest factors when it comes to architect salary is experience. Other than that, what an architect needs is a good reputation and the required talent. In theory the greater your talent, the better salary you will get. Then comes field of expertise. This specialization has a lot to do with the how much does an architect make. A classical architect will earn greater than an interior architect. This is show below.

  • Traditional Architects: $72,550
  • Classical Architects: $66,000
  • Interior Architects: $40,000
  • Landscape Architects: $62,090
  • Naval and Marine Architects: $79,920

Architecture is a time intensive field, with long hours spent in front of the computer and over blueprints. But, if done right this is real luxury job that can have you easily exceed the threshold of the average salary.