Bank Teller Salary

bank teller salaryBasic Bank Teller Salary Information:

The average day for a bank teller requires a wide variety of skills. As the primary purpose of all banks is to deal with money, so a bank teller must have the skill to perform basic arithmetic for counting money.They hold one of the most visible positions at any back and are required to have great communication skills. he salary is not fixed and varies greatly with location of the profession, and increases generously as you get more experienced.

The table below will show some of the highest paying states for the job.

State Average range of salary
Texas $16,200 – $32,847
Florida $19,740 – $36,241
New York $19,553 – $37,671
North Carolina $19,736 – $36,766
California $20,943 – $44,850
Pennsylvania $16,793 – $34,619
Georgia $15,705 – $30,639

As I have mentioned before your salary nearly doubles as you get more experienced. How much does a bank teller make can be seen in the table below.

Experience Average range of salary
Less than 1 year $18,297 – $35,025
1 to 4 years $17,551 – $35,121
5 to 9 years $19,575 – $40,608
10 to 19 years $19,579 – $43,631
More than 20 years $23,212 – $39,453

Other Factors and Influences that determine bank teller salary:

There are a lot of other factors that influence the salary of a bank teller. This is one of the starter jobs, for you to go into something more to your liking. So, the first thing you need is education. Education will not only see you earning more, but will pave the path for you to get promotions and land bigger jobs, with bank teller as your stepping stone. Industry also matter as some industries tend to pay more than other industries. The top paying industries are:

  • Banking – $8.59 – $13.53
  • Financial Services – $8.63 – $13.67
  • Credit Union – $8.74 – $13.76
  • Retail – $8.24 – $13.46
  • Mortgage Lending, Loans, or Credit Products – $8.64 – $13.81

The average salary of Bank Teller  is often compared to the salary of a Chartered Financial Analyst. A bank teller has to be good at a lot of things other than accounting or counting money. As a back teller he has to meet with customers and have to hear whatever they have to say. This means that he needs a lot of street-smart as well as book-smart. Having such qualities will see you climb up the ladder quite quickly.

The job of a bank teller can be tedious, but it is a very important and a vital part of banking, and moreover it can be a stepping stone to something bigger and better.