Bartender Salary

bartender salaryBasic Bartender Salary Information:

The Bartender salary in the United States is $17,612.The job of a Bartender is not to just mix drinks; he has manages the whole bar and have a fun personality to go with it. He also has to monitor bar inventory and take appropriate actions inside the bar for any sort of event. This is however influenced by a lot of factors we will go into later. But firstly the salary is varied on the location of the job and the experience the bartender has. In the tables below we will see how these two factors affect the income of a bartender.


Average Range of Bartender Salary


$15,600 – $64,500


$15,000 – $45,967

New York

$24,490 – $46,452


$14,650 – $58,326


$22,382 – $35,333


$12,000 – $49,916


$7,400 – $36,000

As you can see for the tables above the how much does a bartender make varies greatly on the location of the job. Also with enough experience a bartender can earn as much as $57,000. That’s a lot of money. But these are not the only factor that affects the salary of a bartender.


Average Range of Bartender Salary

Less than 1 year

$12,971 – $29,748

1 to 4 years

$9,933 – $46,978

5 to 9 years

$12,365 – $50,177

10 to 19 years

$9,875 – $55,149

More than 20 years

$12,000 – $57,500

Factors that impact how much does a Bartender make:

Although education is a factor when it comes to this profession, it doesn’t affect the salary by that much, however, what truly makes a difference is the kind of place you doing the job. Industry setting has a lot to do with the salary of a bartender. It also matters on the number of people that comes to those places as this means more tips for you, thus better pay. The table below will show the top paying industry for this profession.


Hourly mean wage

Annual mean wage

Rail Transportation



Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools



Traveler Accommodation



Lessors of Real Estate



Employment Services



The  Bartender salary  is often compared to the salary of a Carpenter. The job of a bartender lets you see all kinds of craze and be fun and outgoing. This is a really great job if you are just out of high school and need cash. Also, you pay increases if you have a certification form a bartending school. Making it a Perfect part time job.