Bookkeeper Salary

bookkeeper salary and descriptionBasic Bookkeeper Salary Information:

The Bookkeeper maintains records of financial transactions by establishing accounts; posting transactions. By doing so the bookkeeper salary stretches from $22,803 – $51,729. That makes it an average salary of a bookkeeper at around $34,455. This salary is varied on a lot of factor. One of the prime factors is the geographical location. The average salary of a bookkeeper depends on the location he is doing his job. The table below will list some of the highest paying states for the profession of bookkeeping.

State or Province

Bookkeeper Salary Data


$28,028 – $58,763


$24,301 – $50,996

New York

$29,606 – $61,987


$26,862 – $50,164


$28,509 – $50,472

New Jersey

$30,818 – $60,247


$27,368 – $51,078

The table above shows that the highest salary for the profession of bookkeeping can be found in the state of Washington. The average salary of the bookkeeper also scales quite well with experience and we will see how much does a bookkeeper make  in the table below.

Years’ Experience Bookkeeper Salary Data
Less than 1 year

$21,950 -$41,262

1-4 years

$23,243 -$45,954

5-9 years

$24,908 -$51,850

10-19 years

$27,067 -$52,973

20 years or more

$28,183 -$59,354

Factors that impact how much does a Bookkeeper make: 

How much does a Bookkeeper make  is not only determined by the location of the profession and the experience but also by a lot of other variables, and one of those crucial variables is education. Knowledge affects the salary of a bookkeeper by a lot. The more certification a bookkeeper has, the better will be his salary. A CPA will always earn more than someone with just a Business certificate.

  • Bookkeeping – $26,896 – $54,488
  • Business Certificate – $25,713 – $58,391
  • Certified Bookkeeper (CB) – $25,504 – $54,689
  • Notary Public – $30,515 – $54,592
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) – $20,273 – $85,219
  • Enrolled Agent (EA) – $24,566 – $47,816

The salary also depends on the type of employer; a self-employed Bookkeeper always earns more than someone working in any other organization. However, this depends on the number of hours the persons spends to actually work and his own determination. Other factors also include Industry setting and the demand of the job in the certain area. These are mainly the factors that affect the salary if a Bookkeeper

Verdict on Bookkeeper salary:

The Bookkeeper salary is often compared to the salary of a WaitressThe job of Bookkeeping is fairly simply, and with the introduction of computers to do all the hard work, it could be any better. Still you are good with mathematics and if you have what it takes this job will take you very far.