Brain Surgeon Salary

brain surgeon salaryBasic Brain Surgeon Salary Information:

Most of us have always been fascinated by the thought of being a doctor since our early childhood. And as we grew up, we even entertained the idea of being a brain surgeon! The actual term that should be is not brain surgeon at all! In fact, the correct term is neurosurgeon. Neurosurgeon is a super-specialty in the field of surgery. These surgeons deal with the surgery of nerves and, of course, of the brain. The title of neurosurgeon requires years and years of studying and even more years of perfecting the hand. ‘Brain surgeon’ is actually not an easy thing to be at all. A small slip of the hands and one could damage the brain of another forever.

According to a study conducted recently, the lowest pay for neurosurgeons stands at $110,000 and the highest stands at more than $660,000. As we can see, the range is huge and there is a reason for that which will be discussed later. Another thing that should be known is that before a person becomes a neurosurgeon, one is required to pass the medical licensing examinations. And after that one is required to undertake many years of training and then take many more degrees before one puts their name on the map of neurosurgeons.

The salary of neurosurgeons differs from state to state. But the difference is not so noticeable as it is with years of experience. In the field of surgery, the location matters little compared to the experience of a doctor.

The following highlights how much does a Brain Surgeon make in different states in the country:


Highest Pay/USD

New York
















New Jersey




Thus, the highest paying according to this table is New York with $702,337.Now let us take a look at the difference in wages according to years of experience:

Years of experience

Pay range/USD

Less than 1 $98,264 to $308,368
1-4 $51,521 to $697,015
4-9 $100,000 to $614,770
10-19 $100,334 to $698,376
>20 $106,739 to $734,000

The Brain Surgeon Salary is often compared to the salary of a FBI agentOther than the factor of years of experience and the state that a neurosurgeon is working, there are many other factors that determine that final salary received by a neurosurgeon. One of the factors that must be remembered is that Neurosurgeons can always earn extra money by “guest surgeries.” If a neurosurgeon is famous enough, people from other hospitals or even other countries may pay insanely high wages just to be operated on by him or her.

So, will you be a brain surgeon?