Cardiovascular Technologist Salary

salary cardiovascularBasic Cardiovascular Technologist Salary Information:

If you are thinking of making a career in the healthcare industry, keep in mind that doctor is not the only option that you have. There are several sub-specialties in which you could make your career. Have you heard of a respiratory therapist? Or a vocational therapist? Or a registered nurse? If you have heard of those then you must also hear of the Cardiovascular Technologist . The job of an Cardiovascular Technologist  is more along the line of diagnosis compared to treatment. Their job is help cardiologists diagnose heart diseases and peripheral vascular diseases with the help of technology. In addition to the purpose of diagnosis, an Cardiovascular Technologist  has the capacity to help physicians treat any diseases of the cardiovascular system in which the pathology is a blood clot.

The job outlook of CT is very high, standing at about 29%, which means that a fresher can expect a job in almost no time. There will be no painful days of job hunting. The average salary of an ACT per year is $49,410. However, the pay varies considerably from state to state and the following table highlights the highest paying states in this profession:





New York




Virgin Islands


Washington DC




New Jersey








As we can see from the table, the highest paying state in the US is the Alaska. However, the state is not the only factor that influences the salary of an Cardiovascular Technologist. One of the other main factors that influence their salaries is the number of years of experience that they have put behind themselves. Naturally, in the world of healthcare provision, the hands of one with years of experience is respected more and is worth more compared to the hands of a novice.

The following table tells us how much does a cardiovascular assistant make with years of experience:

Years of experience

Pay range/USD

Less than one year $27,000 to $57,000
5-9years $29,479 to $45,781

The average salary of Cardiovascular Technologist  is often compared to the salary of a Crime Scene InvestigatorOther than the difference in wages with state an experience, additional degrees added to a person’s merit will always act in favor of increasing their wages. However it is not so easy to become an CT. It is a matter of time and patience and much studying. Most CTs are required to have an associate’s degree and that take an awful lot of time and effort. Other than this, most employers will also require a person to have professional certification before allowing one to practice CT in their name.

So, are you interested in being an CT?