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Salary of a Legal secretary

salary LegalSecretary

Basic Salary Information:

The job of a legal secretary is to aid lawyers and paralegals in doing their job and also fulfill various responsibilities assigned to them by the law firm. They are associates and are asked to prepare any sort of documents like subpoenas, affidavits and etc. The salary of a legal secretary is higher than a normal secretary. They earn from about $25,334 – $70,722. The average salary of a legal secretary is $44,013. The salary is also dependent on a lot of factors. Location is one of the biggest factors. Below is a table illustrating this:

State Average Annual Salary
California $36,701 – $77,629
New York $31,114 – $77,600
Texas $27,897 – $65,312
Illinois $30,266 – $68,101
New jersey $34,360 – $61,184
Pennsylvania $27,862 – $57,678
Florida $28,589 – $59,801


Experience Average Annual salary
Less than a year $23,830 – $40,483
1 to 4 years $22,546 – $50,699
5 to 9 years $29,358 – $61,446
10 to 19 years $31,771 – $70,163
More than 20 years $38,143 – $75,827

The average salary of Legal secretary is often compared to the salary of a Occupational Therapy Assistant. The first table shows you how much does a legal secretary make is shown above.  The second table shows you the scaling of the job as you get more experienced. The average salary of a legal secretary may increase beyond that, but that is influenced by a lot of other factors.

Other Factors and Influences that determine salary:

First of all there is industry setting. Civil litigation offers to pay the most among all the different industries. The list of the most popular industries is below:

  • Legal Services – $30,769 – $71,017
  • Law Office – $27,570 – $68,928
  • Law Firm – $31,997 – $75,359
  • Civil Litigation – $34,069 – $72,317
  • Litigation Support – $30,602 – $73,380
  • Insurance Legal Defense – $32,376 – $71,095
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Law Office – $40,658 – $79,858

Secondly what matters is the degree of education you have. The most top paying degrees in this field are given below:

  • Bachelor’s Degree – $28,797 – $72,171
  • Associate’s Degree – $29,714 – $67,804
  • Some college coursework with no degree – $27,582 – $77,604
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA), English Language – $31,458 – $75,283
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA), Political Science (PolySci) – $23,898 – $72,531

Employee type also matters. Companies and private firms offer to pay a lot more than a government controlled.

  • Private Practice/Firm – $29,260 – $71,312
  • Company – $32,046 – $71,828
  • Government – State & Local – $23,076 – $53,558

Legal secretary works is a good environment, but has to deal with a lot of pressure and stress. The money is quite good at its field and is great job to consider overall.

Judge Salary

salary judge

Basic Judge Salary Information:

The Judge salary comes down to $123,000. Judges are what stand between a men’s freedom and jail or death. That gives them huge power, and therefore they have to be very confident and just, to give the correct form of punishment. Their work ranges from judging murderers to common thief. Depending on the type of work, the salary varies. In general a judge earns around $49,394 – $152,396. This average salary of a judge changes depending on the location of the job and the experience of the judge.


Hourly mean wage

Annual mean wage







Rhode Island






New Jersey



The above tables show how much does a judge make  in different states . As you can see California pays the most. This is due to the quality of life and demand of the job in that area.

The job outlook for Judge is at around 7%, which is actually slower than the average. This means that people are taking this profession less and therefore there are less employed in this sector. This means that the experienced you get the valuable you will become and the more salary you will earn.

Factors that impact how much does a Judge make:

The  Judge salary is often compared to the salary of a Nurse Assistant. There are many factors that truly affect the salary of the judge. Other than experience and location, what is valued most is education. A judge has to be highly educated to be respected in his field. He needs to be feared and also has it in him to pass the right judgment, no matter what the circumstances. Some of the top degrees and their respective salaries are:

  • Master of Jurisprudence, or Master of Law – $41,971 – $121,641
  • Juris Doctor- $39,866 – $161,907
  • Bachelor’s Degree – $19,200 – $64,700

Secondly what comes into play is the industry setting. This has a huge effect on the average salary of a judge. Some of the most popular industries are:

  • Government – $45,187 – $124,669
  • Legal Services – $43,493 – $125,160
  • Unemployment Insurance Program Administration – $42,752 – $116,490
  • Disability Insurance – $42,703 – $110,103
  • Benefits Management or Administration – $42,127 – $117,119

The profession of a Judge and the salary of a Judge vary a lot. Some judge handle murder cases, some handle corporate cases. But, no matter what you do you will earn a lot of money doing so.

Crime Scene Investigator Salary

salary crime-scene-investigator-salary-21285808

Basic Crime Scene investigator Salary Information:

The Crime Scene investigator Salary or a CSI is from $25,912 – $65,941. This makes the average salary of a CSI to be $39,000.Crime scene investigator help investigate crimes by collecting and analyzing physical evidence. Most technicians specialize in either crime scene investigation or laboratory analysis. They work for long hours under distressing conditions. Most Crime scene investigators technicians work full time during normal business hours. The growth of the profession is a lot as the job outlook is at 19 percent, which is a lot higher than the average .  This salary is influenced by factors such as experience and geographical location. This is shown in the table below.

In the first table you will see how much does a Crime Scene Investigator make:


Hourly mean wage

Annual mean wage 

District of Columbia















The most top paying state is the District of California. The other factor that comes into play is experience. This ensures you can the most out of a crime scene, due to the sheer practice of the job.

Experience Average Salary Range
Less than a year $32,000 – $50,000
1 to 4 years $24,658 – $56,766
5 to 9 years $27,978 – $44,219
10 to 19 years $22,314 – $53,000

 Other Factors and Influences that determine salary:

The average salary of Crime Scene Investigator  is often compared to the salary of a a Perfusionist. There are a lot of factors that affect the salary depends on a lot of other than the ones mentioned above. The first of these factors is the industry setting. This industry setting not only determines the type of work a CSI has to do, but also the amount of money he or she will receive. Some of the top paying industries are;


Hourly Wage

Annual Salary

Federal Executive Branch



Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories



Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services



Local Government



State Government



Verdict on Crime Scene Investigator salary:

Education is also a huge factor and it helps in securing jobs and promotions. The higher degree you have, the better your remuneration will be. Then then there is employee type. Working for the federal government will help you earn around $70,000, but for a state or local government only manages around $53,000.

The job of a CSI is very crucial. It helps the police and the detectives to track down the suspects. The pay is also quite handsome.

Firefighter Salary

firefighter salary

Basic Firefighter Salary Information:

The firefighter salary is at around $47,850 with an hourly wage of $23.00. The job of a firefighter is a very important and a vital one. They save lives and are seen as heroes by most. They control and extinguish fires or must respond to emergency situations where there is direct threat to property, environment, and even, life. Among the duties the most common are preventing fires, responding to hazardous material, disaster assistance, search and rescue and many more. However they don’t do all this for free.This changes on the location of the job as we will see in the table below.

State Average Firefighter  salary
Texas $32,983 – $69,139
California $29,590 – $97,149
Georgia $24,978 – $51,804
Florida $24,049 – $71,128
Illinois $35,249 – $91,584
South Carolina $25,111 – $40,205
Virginia $35,159 – $59,800

As you can see from the table above, the salary varies greatly depending on the location. In these locations the demand of the profession and the Quality of life matters a lot.

Experience also plays a huge role in determining the salary of a Firefighter. The more experienced you are, the better your salary will be. How much does a Firefighter make is shown in the table below.

Experience Average Firefighter Salary
Less than a year $23,422 – $50,868
1 to 4 years $24,847 – $55,840
5 to 9 years $28,408 – $70,831
10 to 19 years $32,275 – $84,208
More than 20 years $37,899 – $96,882

 Factors that impact how much does a Firefighter make:

The average salary of Firefighter is often compared to the salary of a Brain Surgeon. There are a lot of other factors that bring change to how much does a Firefighter make. Firefighters have a direct control over some of these factors. Factors that the firefighter often has a good degree of control over include rank, education, responsibility as well as performance. Other factors, which a firefighter has minimal or no control over, include: unionization, departmental budgets, employment status, legislation, and hours worked. Normally to increase the salary a firefighter has to focus on performance, demonstrating leadership skills and a commitment to continuing education. This will ensure that he earns the most of what he is worth. Among all these, education is the most important factor, as it can lead to higher salary and promotions.

Salary of a FBI agent

salary fbi

Basic Salary Information:

The FBI protects the country all sort of dangers such as terrorists, drug traffickers and white collar criminals. FBI agents handle the most dangerous cases that have to deal with the most dangerous criminals. They have to very skillful and educated and physically in their prime to handle any sort of situation. The salary of a FBI agent can go from $36,000 to $145,000. This makes it an average salary of $64,500. This salary is further varied if you take geographical location into consideration. Below is a table of the states that pays the most to FBI agents. How much does FBI agent make can be seen table below:


Annual Average Salary Range


$50,335 – $153,960


$41,446 – $103,382


$24,000 – $47,250

District of Columbia

$55,028 – $81,389

New York

$40,337 – $99,159

The salary of a FBI agent also matters on the number of experience a person has. A more experienced FBI agent will earn a lot more than a newcomer. This is shown in the table below.


Annual Average Salary Range

Less than a year

$10,304 – $96,958

1 to 4 years

$34,521 – $10


5 to 9 years

$35,234 – $68,510

10 to 19 years

$35,117 – $103,905

More than 20 years

$40,851 – $342,550

 Other Factors and Influences that determine salary:

As I have mentioned before, geographical location and experience plays a huge part when determining the salary of an FBI agent. But other than those two a lot of other factors come into play. First and foremost there is education. Education is vital when it comes to FBI agents. They have to very educate in the fields of criminology and also to some extent Law.  Having a degree in law will attract better salary and help in getting promotions as FBI agents. Secondly a FBI agent will have to be skilled on a lot of things. They need to have engineering expertise, Investigative experience and military experience to get the highest salary possible. After all is said and done a FBI agent has to be physically fit to perform the best in his task. Work performance and efficiency also plays a huge role.

The average salary of FBI agent  is often compared to the salary of a Podiatrist. Being an FBI agent is a dream job to most kids and adult alike. The idea of having to save your country from massive threats and keeping the future clean from high ranking drugs dealers for your kids is what every moral citizen wants to do.

Salary of a Police Officer

salary police-officer-51

Basic Salary Information:

Police officers serve a very important job. They are constantly fighting against every sort of crime so that you can sleep better at night. This makes this job dangerous and exciting. The average pay of a police officer is at around $55,101 a year with an hourly rate of $26.45. This is due to the demand of the job the dangers that come with it. The job Outlook for this sort of job is a lot slower than the average. It is at 7% rather than the average of 9%. How much does a Police officer make is shown in table below:


Average Range of Salary


$30,912 – $75,751


$34,146 – $101,366

New York

$36,766 – $116,350


$34,882 – $63,500


$29,233 – $69,826


$38,000 – $93,598

North Carolina

$29,485 – $62,752



Average Range of Salary

Less than 1 year

$27,673 – $57,035

1-4 years

$29,148 – $58,374

5-9 years

$30,326 – $76,721

10-19 years

$35,125 – $96,892

20 years or more

$43,049 – $105,620

There are two tables above that show the difference in salary due to geographical location and Experience. The tables show you how location affects your salary. New York is the highest paying City for the profession of Police officer. The tables show the top paying states.
The second table shows the scaling of salary with experience. AS you can see that salary increases by quite a lot as you get more experienced. You can earn over $100,000, if you are experienced enough.

Other Factors and Influences that determine salary:

The average salary of Police Officer  is often compared to the salary of a Lab technician. The knowledge and skills acquired through a college education are beneficial throughout a police officer’s career. In most police organizations, officers with college degrees receive substantial increases to their salaries. Therefore education plays a huge factor. Also Prior experience matters as well. If you were in the army before you joined the police force you will receive a higher salary. Advanced study or experience in fields where complex criminal activity occurs is often rewarded by police agencies. One other factor is that Police officers always works overtime and they get paid accordingly. Through overtime a police officer can earn a lot more than he usually does.

The job of a police officer is quite risky and dangerous, but it has a lot to offer in terms of money and adventure. If you don’t have it in you to be a filed officer you can be do a desk job. But either way you are helping your country become a safer place for its citizens

Lawyer Salary

Lawyer Salary and description

Basic Lawyer Salary Information:

The lawyer salary is from $45,292 to $166,419 per anuum. Being a Lawyer doesn’t necessarily mean that you will work in the justice department. There are various field of work for Lawyer and each has its own salary structure. This however also depends on a lot of other factors. But, as a whole Lawyer in one of that profession that offers one of the highest remuneration in any country or state. This gives a median pay of around $78,523. This however varies depending on the state you are working on.


Range of Average Salary


$56,627 – $161,705

New York

$45,578 – $150,749


$43,221 – $130,106


$46,591 – $162,415


$41,110 – $141,144


$41,520 – $140,770

New Jersey

$46,877 – $133,170

The aboveLa Table shows the top paying States, however the salary will increase depending on the city you are working in too. District of Columbia in Washington offers the highest salary of over $179,000. The lowest among the top five being Miami, Florida with $145,300. How much does a lawyer make also affected by the experience of the Lawyer.

This is being illustrated in the table below:


Average Range of Lawyer Salary

Less than 1 year

$38,694 – $82,634

1-4 years

$41,401 – $99,847

5-9 years

$54,321 – $142,010

10-19 years

$61,521 – $175,338

20 years or more

$61,296 – $216,540

As you can see from table above the salary of a lawyer drastically increase as he or she gains more experience. This can go over a whopping $216,000, which is a lot.

Factors that impact how much does a Lawyer make.

Lawyer Salary  gets impacted by a lot of factors other than geographical location and experience. Factors other than geographical location and experience that affect  are education, Industry setting, field of expertise and employee type.

Let’s start with Education first. Lawyers who have the highest degree get the most pay. Being a certified Specialist can get you the best salary you can hope for at $ $71,637 – $188,212. This is also influenced by the type of industry setting you are working on.


Average Salary

Law Office

$43,951 – $144,318

Legal Services

$43,335 – $140,565

Litigation Support

$48,750 – $129,604

Insurance Carrier

$51,081 – $127,271


$49,553 – $131,418

Government or Public Law Office

$44,057 – $135,079

Financial Services

$56,086 – $156,630

Then there is Field of expertise. Depending on your specialty you will get different salary. A lawyer who is good at negotiations can fetch up to $167,000 whereas an Insurance lawyer can get only $138,500. Last but not least is the employee type. By this what I mean is the how you are generally employed. For e.g. If you are self-employed you will earn a lot more than if you are working for a company or a hospital. This plays a huge factor in determining the salary.

Verdict on Lawyer Salary:

The average salary of Lawyer  is often compared to the salary of a Medical Examiner. The profession of lawyer is honestly one of the best professions out there. If you are good at it, you can earn more than you can even expect. There is no set value of salary; you can earn a huge amount or even a small amount depending on you.