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Plumber Salary

plumber salary

Basic Plumber Salary Information:

The plumber salary goes from $28,509 to as high as  $78,411. Plumbers are specialists in household plumbing systems and also own the skills required to troubleshoot plumbing related problems that may arise at any point.  The job growth for this profession is quite high at 26%. This job has a faster growth rate than most jobs in United States of America.  That’s a lot. This makes the average salary of a plumber to be around $44,761. There are a lot of things that affect the salary of a plumber. One of the biggest factors of them is the geographical location. This is shown in the table below, where we list the highest paying states for the profession.


State Average Plumber Salary
California $28,406 – $82,434
Florida $28,500 – $95,000
New York $29,864 – $57,768
Virginia $25,434 – $55,835
Ohio $30,000 – $85,000
Washington $40,695 – $65,328
Florida $33,017 – $45,769

The salary is also affected by experience. The more experienced you get, the higher salary you earn. How much does a plumber make is shown in table below:

Experience Average Plumber Salary
Less than a year $49,132 – $61,935
1 to 4 years $23,583 – $60,000
5 to 9 years $23,966 – $61,156
10 to 19 years $28,591 – $72,877
More than 20 years $35,951 – $89,830

Factors that impact how much does a Plumber make:

How much does a Plumber make  is often compared to the salary of a Truck DriverAs you can see from the salary list above, a plumber can earn a lot of money if you are in the right location and have the required experience; you can earn a whole lot of money. However, experience and location isn’t the only thing that affects the salary of a plumber. One of the biggest thing that affect the salary is the industry you are working in. there are a lot of different sorts of construction and each have a different salary rate.

  • Plumbing Contractor – $11.68 – $27.42
  • Construction – $11.40 – $26.58
  • Commercial Construction – $12.17 – $27.28
  • Residential Building Construction – $11.19 – $25.41
  • Health Care – $11.80 – $26.93

Then there is huge difference on salary depending on the type of employment you have. Working for yourself, and working for a company has a huge difference in salary. This is shown in the list below

  • Company – $12.93 – $30.67
  • Self-Employed – $14.54 – $76.60
  • Contract – $13.97 – $38.98
  • Hospital – $17.22 – $34.52
  • Government – State & Local – $12.03 – $49.66
  • Private Practice/Firm – $9.03 – $27.82
  • Other Organization – $19.85 – $32.50
  • College / University – $14.08 – $23.58
  • Franchise – $9.83 – $20.00
  • School / School District – $15.48 – $25.61

The job of plumbers takes a lot of expertise and precision. This is not a easy job, and you can see that with the type of salary that a plumber gets. It pays really well and overall a really fantastic job as it doesn’t necessarily need a high educational background.

Carpenter Salary

carpenter salary and job description

Basic Carpenter Salary Information:

A carpenter salary per annum is $41.156. A carpenter specializes in building various wooden structures from doors, closets, cabinets, beds,etc. He must have great skill and experience in designing these carpentry items. Skill and experience can be said to be the most important thing when it comes to carpeting, and that is what determines that salary of a carpenter greatly. Common factors such as Geographical location also have a lot to play when it comes to this profession. As it stands now a carpenter can earn form 26,542 – $70,344.At a first glance this is quite a high pay, and to be honest it really is. But having a lot of factors makes it quite hard to earn the most out of it. For that there is a table below to show how much does a carpenter make from state to state and the scaling with experience.

State Hourly Carpenter Salary rate
California $13.34 – $34.94
New York $14.34 – $38.54
Pennsylvania $12.28 – $34.76
Minnesota $11.76 – $27.84
Washington $14.98 – $31.82
Ohio $11.65 – $29.36
Massachusetts $14.55 – $32.85


Experience Hourly Carpenter Salary rate
Less than a year $8.76 – $16.34
1 to 4 years $10.12 – $24.30
5 to 9 years $12.24 – $26.17
10 to 19 years $13.78 – $30.90
More than 20 years $14.90 – $35.78

The first table among the two tables above shows the top paying states where you can earn the most as a carpenter. As you can see New York is the best place for one to set up shop. This job scales immensely well with experience and you can see that in the second table.

Factors that impact how much does a Carpenter make:

How much does a Carpenter make  is often compared to the salary of a Garbage CollectorThere are a lot of other factors other than experience and locations that can affect the average salary of a carpenter. Factors such as industry setting and field of expertise has a lot a lot of affect as well. First off let’s talk about skills. A carpenter can specialized in one particular area of carpeting and that can help him earn more than the rest. This is shown below:

  • Blueprints – $13.95 – $32.58
  • Frame Maker – $12.23 – $31.07
  • Cabinetry Installation – $13.84 – $34.94
  • Project Management – $13.61 – $37.75
  • Plumbing – $14.74 – $22.92
  • Kitchen/Bath – $14.74 – $21.81
  • Roofing Materials Installation – $13.27 – $16.28

The second factor is industry setting. Depending on the type of industry you work in you will earn a different amount of money.

  • Construction – $12.52 – $30.66
  • Residential Building Construction – $12.16 – $29.97
  • Commercial Construction – $13.95 – $30.50
  • Carpentry Contractor – $14.05 – $41.30
  • Commercial and Residential Construction and Development – $14.56 – $39.87
  • Home Improvement and Construction Product Store – $11.07 – $40.55
  • Real Estate Property Management – $11.59 – $32.68

Verdict on Carpenter salary:

The job of a carpenter is very physical but a good sense of mathematics is also needed. If you have what it takes this might be a great job for you, and the median salary is also quite good.

Receptionist Salary

receptionist salary

Basic Receptionist Salary Information:

The job of a receptionist varies from administrative duties, to simply answering the telephone. Most receptionist work in a comfortable work environment, and they truly need is a high school diploma and really good communication skills. Higher degree will fetch you better salary, but as it stands a receptionist earns around $18,730 – $35,491 with an Receptionist salary of $25,326. This is due to the fact that receptionists are needed in every form of industry and the job outlook for this job is around 24 percent, which indicates high demand.

Below are two tables that show that the average salary of a receptionist is influenced by location.

State Average Range of Salary
Texas $20,288 – $39,840
New York $24,776 – $43,793
California $21,624 – $43,130
Illinois $23,520 – $44,780
Florida $17,539 – $35,242
Ohio $18,665 – $33,687
Virginia $20,693 – $43,513

The above table shows the highest paying states for the profession of a receptionist. But, how much does a Receptionist make also depends on the level of experience a person has, and this scaling is shown in the table below.

Experience Average Range of Receptionist Salary
Less than a year $19,576 – $32,973
1 to 4 years $19,487 – $37,920
5 to 9 years $20,780 – $40,593
10 to 19 years $23,174 – $41,640
More than 20 years $22,373 – $49,057

As you can see from the table above the salary increase a lot depending on the number of years you have been a receptionist. However, these are not the only factors.

Other Factors and Influences that determine Receptionist salary:

The Receptionist Salary  is often compared to the salary of a BartenderAs a receptionist is seen in almost every form of industry, the biggest factors when it comes to determining the salary is the employee type and the industry setting. They all offer different form of remuneration and we will see that is the list made below. First is the list of the different salary offered by different industry setting. These are some of the top paying industries.

  • Oil & Gas$20,231 – $42,698
  • Law Office$22,337 – $41,676
  • Financial Services$23,489 – $40,899
  • Legal Services$23,137 – $38,194
  • Real Estate Property Management$20,608 – $45,869
  • Accounting, Auditing and Tax Services$22,943 – $40,572
  • Construction$20,147 – $39,648

Then comes the employee type. Below is a list of the top playing employees, and they are:

  • Company – $22,565 – $40,840
  • Private Practice/Firm – $22,319 – $40,814
  • Non-Profit Organization – $19,973 – $38,902
  • Other Organization – $18,886 – $42,303
  • School / School District – $12,254 – $35,643
  • Government – State & Local – $14,332 – $35,874
  • Hospital – $19,801 – $38,517
  • College / University – $15,309 – $35,235
  • Government – Federal – $27,510 – $32,556
  • Team – $26,963 – $50,268

If you have good communication skills then being a receptionist may just be your thing as it has a good salary and good environment.

Salary of a Personal Trainer

salary personal trainer

Basic Salary Information:

A personal trainer helps you to get to the shape you want you be in. They maintain your diet, your work-out regime and your schedule. A personal trainer can either be work under a gym, or as a private trainer of celebrities or anyone. However, this changes the amount of salary one gets.  This salary is further influenced by the location in which you seek to be a personal trainer in and the years of experience you have doing so. As it stand now a personal trainer can earn from anywhere from $20,280 – $83,936. This gives this profession an average salary of $38,145.

Below is a list of the top-paying states in United States of America for the job personal trainer. How much does a personal trainer make can known from table below:

State Average Range of Salary
Texas $23,178 – $58,302
California $27,000 – $62,883
Illinois $12,365 – $76,773
Florida $15,319 – $63,616
Minnesota $20,679 – $77,310
New Jersey $23,757 – $64,111
Colorado $18,246 – $49,316


The salary also increases as you get more experienced. The table illustrating that is given below.

Experience Average Range Of Salary
Less than a  year $14,563 – $41,484
1 to 4 years $17,426 – $59,388
5 to 9 years $24,178 – $71,681
10 to 19 years $20,769 – $62,510
More than 20 years $14,707 – $63,616

As a personal trainer you always have to stay fit. This means that you have to look your best, so that the person who is willing to hire you will think that you are the best. This means that as you get old you will not be able to maintain your body, and this your income level decreases.

Other Factors and Influences that determine salary:

Level of certification is probably the biggest factors when it comes to personal trainers. Having a higher level of certification will ensure you to get more clients and have a higher salary of a Personal Trainer . Group Fitness Instructor on average earns $47,659/year working full-time. A Personal Trainer makes $53,323/year and an Advanced Health & fitness Specialist makes on average $55,771/year.

The average salary of Personal Trainer  is often compared to the salary of a WelderAnother thing that affects the industry as mentioned in the first paragraph. You will earn more as a personal trainer than in a fitness club, and even more if you are in the health care industry.

  • Fitness Club – $18,121 – $59,874
  • Personal Training – $14,738 – $69,810
  • Health Care – $20,273 – $177,539

These are basically all the factors that truly matters. If you like working out, and want to help people be in their top shape, this is a really great job with a pretty nice pay.

Bookkeeper Salary

bookkeeper salary and description

Basic Bookkeeper Salary Information:

The Bookkeeper maintains records of financial transactions by establishing accounts; posting transactions. By doing so the bookkeeper salary stretches from $22,803 – $51,729. That makes it an average salary of a bookkeeper at around $34,455. This salary is varied on a lot of factor. One of the prime factors is the geographical location. The average salary of a bookkeeper depends on the location he is doing his job. The table below will list some of the highest paying states for the profession of bookkeeping.

State or Province

Bookkeeper Salary Data


$28,028 – $58,763


$24,301 – $50,996

New York

$29,606 – $61,987


$26,862 – $50,164


$28,509 – $50,472

New Jersey

$30,818 – $60,247


$27,368 – $51,078














The table above shows that the highest salary for the profession of bookkeeping can be found in the state of Washington. The average salary of the bookkeeper also scales quite well with experience and we will see how much does a bookkeeper make  in the table below.

Years’ Experience Bookkeeper Salary Data
Less than 1 year

$21,950 -$41,262

1-4 years

$23,243 -$45,954

5-9 years

$24,908 -$51,850

10-19 years

$27,067 -$52,973

20 years or more

$28,183 -$59,354

Factors that impact how much does a Bookkeeper make: 

How much does a Bookkeeper make  is not only determined by the location of the profession and the experience but also by a lot of other variables, and one of those crucial variables is education. Knowledge affects the salary of a bookkeeper by a lot. The more certification a bookkeeper has, the better will be his salary. A CPA will always earn more than someone with just a Business certificate.

  • Bookkeeping – $26,896 – $54,488
  • Business Certificate – $25,713 – $58,391
  • Certified Bookkeeper (CB) – $25,504 – $54,689
  • Notary Public – $30,515 – $54,592
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) – $20,273 – $85,219
  • Enrolled Agent (EA) – $24,566 – $47,816

The salary also depends on the type of employer; a self-employed Bookkeeper always earns more than someone working in any other organization. However, this depends on the number of hours the persons spends to actually work and his own determination. Other factors also include Industry setting and the demand of the job in the certain area. These are mainly the factors that affect the salary if a Bookkeeper

Verdict on Bookkeeper salary:

The Bookkeeper salary is often compared to the salary of a WaitressThe job of Bookkeeping is fairly simply, and with the introduction of computers to do all the hard work, it could be any better. Still you are good with mathematics and if you have what it takes this job will take you very far.

Cook Salary

cook salary

 Basic Cook Salary Information:

So, have you thought of anything other than math, science and art for your career? Not really? Well, it’s time you did! There are so many more interesting professions out there to choose from. Has looking at cooking shows made you want to cook for people? Have you ever felt like pleasing other people’s palate for a profession? Would you like to be a part of the hospitality industry? Formerly, this was not so celebrated a profession. But as time goes by, more and more chefs are becoming celebrities. To eat the food cooked or prepared by certain chefs has become a thing of pride. It is almost like buying an expensive branded product.

Being a cook is a matter of palate. It is not so much a matter of studies, though a minimal level of education is necessary. Knowledge such as those of hygiene and nutrition are almost mandatory to cooks. Cooking healthy and tasty food, is what most cooks are famous for. If you are thinking about being a cook, there is no reason to believe that all you need is apprenticeship. You do need apprenticeship, but there are some basic studies to be completed, if you want to be a truly world-famous cook.

The average salary of Cook is often compared to the salary of a Bookkeeper. The pay of cooks vary greatly since the term is very generalized and many specialized branches exist within this small word. A pastry chef is paid differently from a head of a restaurant; an apprentice is paid differently from a restaurant owner and so on and so forth. But, on average, the mean yearly pay of people holding the title of chef is around $20,260. And the job outlook for this profession is 8%. This is much lower than average and it means that there is tough competition in this field and one has to work really and with their heart and soul before one gets established in this profession.

The following table highlights the highest paying states in the profession:


Pay per annum/USD











The highest paying state, according to the table, is Hawaii with an annual pay of $29,200.

Other than that the number of experience that a cook has to his or her name will also affect the salary received by him or her.How much does a cook make is shown in the following table:

The following table illustrates this point:

Years of experience

Pay range

1-4 $13,602 – $41,156
5-9 $10,067 – $53,638
10-19 $23,422 – $26,666
>20 $21,798 – $29,400

So, are you thinking about being a cook yet?

Salary of a Truck Driver

salary truck-driver.ju

Basic Salary Information:

Truck drivers transport goods from one location to another. They deliver goods over intercity routes, sometimes spanning several states. This Job has the salary from amount $28,828 to $63,581. This gives this job an average salary of around $42,416 at an hourly rate of around $20.00. Also, the job growth of this profession is quite high at 21 percent, much faster than the average which is at 9 percent.


Annual Average Salary


$30,107 – $72,200


$29,338 – $79,733


$26,901 – $70,046


$29,770 – $81,304

North Carolina

$26,000 – $72,348


$34,427 – $74,071


$34,039 – $62,511


Annual Average Salary

Less than a year

$25,042 – $52,900

1 to 4 years

$24,428 – $61,023

5 to 9 years

$30,201 – $71,840

10 to 19 years

$32,632 – $71,580

More than 20 years

$31,171 – $81,311

There are two tables above, each showing how a certain factor affects the salary of the truck drivers. The first table shows the change that comes to the salary because of the Geographical location. Different locations pay differently to truck drivers. This varies due to the quality of life in that state and the demand for the job. In the second table you can see that experience also plays a role in determining the salary. The experienced you are, the higher the salary.

Other Factors and Influences that determine salary:

There are a lot of factors other than location and education that affect the salary of a truck driver. It is also affect by the kind of delivery you do. How much does a truck driver make is shown in the table below.

  • Transport – $28,813 – $72,481
  • Commercial – $29,504 – $76,856
  • Safety Compliance – $31,384 – $78,164
  • Jobsite Delivery – $29,722 – $68,276
  • Machine Operation – $29,749 – $71,007
  • Customer Service – $32,925 – $74,187
  • Driver/Core Development – $38,000 – $88,100
  • Sales – $40,000 – $54,600

Also industry setting also influences the salary of a truck driver. This is shown in the table below.

  • Transportation – $28,588 – $66,883
  • Consumer Packaged Products/Goods – $30,497 – $72,079
  • Shipping and Trucking – $24,294 – $72,755
  • Freight Forwarding – $30,333 – $83,272
  • Long-Distance General Freight Trucking – $24,243 – $73,886
  • Shipping or Delivery Services – $24,000 – $117,916
  • Food Service – $39,100 – $71,686

The average salary of Truck Driver  is often compared to the salary of a Personal Trainer. If you are a truck driver you have to be sure to have no problems with staying up late and not being home for a long time. A lot of the time you will have to be on road. If you are up for this then truck driving is a pretty good job with a moderate salary that will attract a lot of future employees.

Garbage Collector Salary

garbage collector salary

 Basic Garbage man Salary Information:

The Garbage man salary stretches from $20,150 to $53,662. That gives this profession a Median salary of about $39,217. One of the best things about garbage collectors is that you don’t any sort of formal education to be one. And also it one of the best paying dirty jobs out there.For a job that you can do without any education what-so-ever I would say this is a pretty good salary. This varies from state to state as you will see from the table below.


Hourly mean wage

Annual mean wage

New York















The above table shows the most top paying states for the job of trash collecting.  As you can see from the table above the state of New York pays the most to Garbage collectors with a Annual; Average salary of over $50,000. The  garbage collector salary is also affected by experience. As you get more experience you earn per hour. How much does a Garbage Collector make is shown in the table below.

Experience Average Hourly Wage
1 to 4 years $8.14 – $21.70
5 To 9 years $12.71 – $22.26

As you get more experienced you earn lot more, and your starter wage increases by $4 an hour.

Other Factors and Influences that determine Garbage man salary:

Geographical location and experience aren’t the only factors that affect the salary of a garbage collector. There are many other factors like industry setting and one’s ability to drive through any sort of weather conditions and traffic to reach in time to a certain destination. The changes for Industry setting are as follows:


Hourly mean wage

Annual mean wage 

Postal Service



State Government (OES Designation)



Local Government (OES Designation)



Waste Treatment and Disposal



Other Support Services



The Garbage Collector salary  is often compared to the salary of a Receptionist. The ones above are the top paying industries for this profession. Also the other thing that affects your salary is your own skill and ability. A garbage man has to work in various conditions and climate to do what their job. This requires a certain bit of patience and effort. But, overall there really aren’t a lot of other factors that can affect the salary by that much.

Of course, garbage collection is the sort of job one dream of doing. But, requiring no education and having a good salary makes this job more than worthwhile.

Bartender Salary

bartender salary

Basic Bartender Salary Information:

The Bartender salary in the United States is $17,612.The job of a Bartender is not to just mix drinks; he has manages the whole bar and have a fun personality to go with it. He also has to monitor bar inventory and take appropriate actions inside the bar for any sort of event. This is however influenced by a lot of factors we will go into later. But firstly the salary is varied on the location of the job and the experience the bartender has. In the tables below we will see how these two factors affect the income of a bartender.




Average RangeBartender of Salary


$15,600 – $64,500


$15,000 – $45,967

New York

$24,490 – $46,452


$14,650 – $58,326


$22,382 – $35,333


$12,000 – $49,916


$7,400 – $36,000



Average Range of Bartender Salary

Less than 1 year

$12,971 – $29,748

1 to 4 years

$9,933 – $46,978

5 to 9 years

$12,365 – $50,177

10 to 19 years

$9,875 – $55,149

More than 20 years

$12,000 – $57,500

As you can see for the tables above the how much does a bartender make varies greatly on the location of the job. Also with enough experience a bartender can earn as much as $57,000. That’s a lot of money. But these are not the only factor that affects the salary of a bartender.

Factors that impact how much does a Bartender make:

Although education is a factor when it comes to this profession, it doesn’t affect the salary by that much, however, what truly makes a difference is the kind of place you doing the job. Industry setting has a lot to do with the salary of a bartender. It also matters on the number of people that comes to those places as this means more tips for you, thus better pay. The table below will show the top paying industry for this profession.


Hourly mean wage

Annual mean wage

Rail Transportation



Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools



Traveler Accommodation



Lessors of Real Estate



Employment Services



The  Bartender salary  is often compared to the salary of a Carpenter. The job of a bartender lets you see all kinds of craze and be fun and outgoing. This is a really great job if you are just out of high school and need cash. Also, you pay increases if you have a certification form a bartending school. Making it a Perfect part time job.

Waitress Salary

waiter salary

Basic Waiter Salary Information:

The job a waitress is pretty easy. You don’t need a high qualification to apply for the job. You just need to be hard working and attentive and remember the orders correctly. Some of the things that you need are a fun and outgoing personality, comfortable moving fast, having a lot of patience and knowing how to multitask. The salary of a waitress is on an hourly basis. You get paid depending on the amount of hours you work and if you are good at it, then hopefully you will get a lot of tips. This wage rate varies from state to state.


Average Waiteress Range of Waiter Salary


$5,872 – $37,233


$8,144 – $103,042

New York

$8,656 – $77,566


$15,200 – $30,968


$14,625 – $49,505

New Jersey

$11,000 – $29,492


$9,500 – $26,400

The Above table represents the top paying states for Waitress. As you can see, the salary is not that bad and gets really high, even crossing $103,043.That’s a lot. The salary also changes due to the experience one has. As you get more experience, you earn a lot more.  How much does a waitress make is shown in table below: 


Average Salary Range of a year

Less than 1 year

$6,183 – $47,180

1-4 years

$5,403 – $40,851

5-9 years

$9,123 – $47,344

10-19 years

$10,476 – $48,980

20 years or more

$11,353 – $75,000

 Factors that impact how much does a Waiter make.:

The average Waitress salary is often compared to the salary of a Secretary. Believe it or not, personality can be a really big factor in this job. This is because a lot of the money that a waitress gets comes from tips. You generate more tip if you have a good personality and your customer likes you. It also matter if you are good looking to some extent. Secondly, experience is a really huge factor as being a waitress is not all that easy. You need to do a lot of things at the same time and meet with a lot of different sorts of people. This requires a certain level of patience and understanding that only comes from experience.  Lastly what matter is the type of place you are working in. Food services give a higher salary of $49,500, where as a nightclub or a bar give a salary of $35,000. Restaurants gives a salary of $37,000.

Overall Waitressing is not the job for everybody. Not everyone can handle the constant smile on their face and deal with all sorts of people. But if you outgoing and fun and likes to meet new people, this can be your job.