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Chef of Salary

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Basic Chef Salary Information:

A mother cooking is her own kitchen is a chef. A professional cooking in a 5 star restaurant is also chef. What sets these two apart is the amount of money they receive and the culinary expertise they have. Depending on what type of chef, he or she has to know how to come up with unique dishes, manage a whole restaurant or help as a sous chef. That is why the salary of a chef varies a lot. But, in general you will earn from $35,113 – $86,337. This salary is not set in stone, and may increase as you get more experienced and become Head chef of more than one restaurant. But as it stands, in general you get around $56,119. This varies greatly depending on the location you are in. This will be shown below.

State Chef of Salary
California $40,650 – $91,408
Florida $37,964 – $86,240
Texas $36,719 – $80,680
New York $40,315 – $100,403
Pennsylvania $36,855 – $74,627
Ohio $35,088 – $67,016
Massachusetts $43,723 – $97,836

As you can see, in New York you can get a salary of over $100,000. That’s the charm of being a chef. You are really not set on a range of salary. In the second table you will see how much does a chef make with experience.

Experience Chef of Salary
Less than a year $38,884 – $50,868
1 to 4 years $29,913 – $63,254
5 to 9 years $32,944 – $70,260
10 to 19 years $37,637 – $79,726
More than 20 years $41,359 – $88,835

This are however not the only factors that affect the salary.

Other Factors and Influences that determine salary:

There are actually a lot of factors that affect the salary of a chef. The first of it is this or her position and the type on industry he or she works in. A pastry chef will earn less than a head chef of a Michelin star restaurant. Then comes education. Having an extensive knowledge about food and the taste of different ingredients will see you working for some of the biggest names in the business. You will get apprenticeship depending on your culinary skills and your ability to cook, plate and work under a whole lot of pressure.

The average salary of Chef  is often compared to the salary of a Web Designer. Being a chef is not a cakewalk. It is really hard and you have to be really confident in yourself. But if you have what it takes, someday the president  will eat your dish and be blown away.