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Salary of a Chiropractor


Basic Salary Information:

A chiropractor is a therapist who practices chiropractic. This is an alternate medical profession dealing with problems through manual therapy. This profession is on the rise as U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the number of jobs for chiropractors will rise by 28 percent. The average salary of an experienced chiropractor can be at around $132,082. This occupation is expected to rise to 14% by 2020 producing millions of jobs by that time.

The Following is a table showing the average annual income of a Chiropractor on top paying states:


Average Annual income of Chiropractors







North Carolina














As you can see from the table above that the Average salary of a Chiropractor varies depending on the state he is working in, Alaska is the one top paying state for chiropractors followed by Washington. There are a lot of factors like Quality of living, demand and life style that comes into play when determining the salary of a Chiropractor, However, experience plays a huge role too. A fresh graduate or someone with less than one year of experience can earn about $38,068 a year. But this amount goes up substantially when as you get more experienced.


No. of years

1-4 Years

$39,748 to $61,631

5-9 years

$57,000 to $87,000

10-20 years

$57,000 to $130,000

More than 20

$60,000 to $177,000

The table above shows a rough estimation on the amount of salary you might expect to get in this profession after a certain period of time. As you can see the amount increases by quite a lot.

Other Factors and Influences that determine salary:

The average salary of Chiropractor is often compared to the salary of a Physical Therapist.There are a lot of other factors that affect the salary of a Chiropractor. These factors are mostly industrial setting. You see, a Chiropractor who is self-employed will earn a different amount of money that one who teaches in a university. How much does a chiropractor make is shown in the table below:

Industry setting

Average salary

Offices of Dentists


Colleges, Universities and Professional Schools


Employment Services


Offices of Physicians


Offices of Other Health Practitioners


Education also plays a factor into the salary, but that’s quite logical. There are about 52,600 people working as chiropractors in the United States and that number is said to increase by at least 28 percent in the future. Modern medicine doesn’t always fix the problems of a patient and that’s where chiropractors come in. They are the same as any medical Doctor; the only difference is that chiropractors cannot write the prescription. But after all, said and done. The job of a chiropractor is very important and the money made is even better.

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