Basic Information on Chiropractors

A chiropractor is also referred to as doctor of chiropractic. The focus of this type of doctor is on the use of alternative medicine to treat complications arising from the musculoskeletal system. These treatments are carried out through different forms of spinal manipulations, which assist patients to alleviate their pains and other associated symptoms and can focus on fixing the problem permanently.

Spinal manipulations which is known generally as chiropractic adjustments are some of the most common therapeutic procedures that is being carried out by a chiropractor.  They generally practice a drug-free approach to health care that involves examination of patients, diagnosis as well as treatment. Apart from the musculoskeletal system, they also focus on disorders arising from the nervous system and the effect these disorders,have on the general health and well being of patients. They treat conditions like back pains, neck pains, headaches and other pains that arises from the joints of the arms or leg.

The reason for these manipulations carried out by the chiropractor, is to restore back the mobility of joints.They achieve this by applying a controlled force manually, into joints that have become somehow restricted in movement, due to tissue injuries. These tissue injuries can result from a single traumatic event like when someone lifts a heavy object in an improper way or through repetitive stresses like sitting in a position with poor spinal posture for a long period of time. This may also cause some form of inflammation, and pain. The work of the chiropractor here is to manipulate or simply put adjust the affected areas or tissues and also restore mobility. They alleviate the pains as well as muscle tightness suffered by patients and also allow tissues to heal naturally.

Individuals planning to become chiropractors, will be trained to have broad diagnostic skills and also how to recommend rehabilitative and therapeutic exercises, as well as how to provide counselling to patients concerning diet, lifestyle, and nutrition.A lot of chiropractors, go for extra training to acquire more skills and knowledge. Some may go for training in physical rehabilitation and specific exercise therapy. A lot of these doctors also make use of herbal therapy, nutritional analysis as well as acupuncture. Individuals preparing to become chiropractors must possess a doctor of chiropractic degree from any accredited university. A license is also required like most fields in the medical profession before one can be allowed to legally practice as a chiropractic doctor or chiropractor.

Job Description and working conditions

Generally, the job of a chiropractor is basically to manage neck and back pain of patients by providing treatments to the musculoskeletal system. Although, traditional chiropractic doctors focus on spinal manipulation while modern chiropractic doctors may also provide some additional treatments like massage therapy, ultrasound as well as acupuncture. In most cases the chiropractor may recommend supplementary measures to correct problems of patients such as sleeping schedules, nutritional therapy as well as exercise. Most chiropractic doctors specialize in a particular area. They may decide to focus on sports injury, pediatrics, imaging or other areas.

For chiropractic jobs, responsibilities often includes; diagnosing patients and also to determine if providing chiropractic treatment will be right for them. It also includes prepare patients for x-rays and result interpretation, to identify areas where problems are located. They also refer patients for treatments, to other healthcare professionals when necessary.

  •  Working conditions

A Chiropractor basically works the standard business hours which includes from Mondays to Fridays. However, in most cases, he or she may be required to work during evening hours or weekends, to accommodate clients’ working schedule. Most of these medical professionals work in an office settings, in a school, nursing home, hospital or a community center. Depending on what they want, a chiropractor may either decide to manage his or her own practice or partner with other chiropractors, to form a group.Basically, chiropractors spend their days in an office.

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Education, training and certification

For individuals that wants to become a chiropractor, the first thing to do is to obtain a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and a state license.Most students commonly earn a Bachelor of Science degree before they proceed for a chiropractic program.

Individuals, after completing their degree program must either pass the tests of the National Board or state examinations, before they can obtain their licenses. Most states also requires the chiropractor, to update their license by attending continuing educational course every year.For students that are interested in becoming chiropractors, they must have sound knowledge in courses like chemistry, physics and biology.


The average median chiropractor salary is US$67,100. Other professionals may receive more or less. Geographical location, as well as the characteristics and qualification of the chiropractor can influence the amount earned. One should also be aware that running your own business or collaborating with other professionals can lead to a substantial growth in the salary received. You can possibly earn up to US$142,900 each year.

The figures representing the amount that chiropractors are receiving in the year 2015, proves to be good. The increase in salary is due to the fact that there is more public awareness about the job and what it does. A lot of people have now realized the importance of a certified chiropractor for any of their untreated neck or back problems.

Those chiropractors that are salaried usually receives health insurance and retirement benefits from their employers. While those that are self-employed would have to provide one for themselves.

Job Growth and Career outlook

Jobs for chiropractors is expected to increase by 20% from now till 2018. The growth will be due to increase in demand by consumers, for alternative healthcare. Chiropractors lay emphasis on the need for healthy lifestyles. They do not prescribe drugs or carry out surgery. This makes their services appealing to many healthcare seekers.Also, the increase in demand for chiropractic treatment will also increase, based on patients’ ability to pay for their treatments directly or through health insurance.