Computer Programmer salary

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Basic Computer Programmer salary Information:

The basic role of a Computer Programmer is to create and modify the software programs that provide the instructions that tell a computer how to accomplish a specific task. In addition to writing and creating computer software Computer Programmers also are responsible for the maintenance and repair of existing software, as well as modifying programs to meet the specific needs and desires of the end-users of the programs. For the job of the working a person’s earns about $31,796 – $85,005. The average salary of a Computer Programmer is at around $54,128. This salary is influenced by location, depending on the state you are in, you will earn different amount of money.

Below is a table showing the top paying state for the profession of computer programmer.

State Average range of Salary
California $38,341 – $97,197
New York $39,754 – $83,535
Texas $38,454 – $86,748
Illinois $36,528 – $73,017
Florida $29,590 – $80,267
Ohio $36,309 – $74,987
Virginia $34,004 – $87,866

The salary also depends a lot on the amount of experience that you have. The more experienced you are the more you will ear, it is that simply. You will see the change in salary of a computer programmer as you get more experience in the table below. How much does a computer programmer make is shown in table below:

Experience Average range of salary
Less than 1 year $30,688 – $66,737
1 to 4 years $31,644 – $69,614
5 to 9 years $41,842 – $81,013
10 to 19 years $44,092 – $95,314
More than 20 years $43,751 – $102,549

Other Factors and Influences that determine salary:

The  Computer Programmer salary is often compared to the salary of a Interior Designer. Education is a huge factor when it comes to computer programmers. Everyday computers are getting more and more advanced and trickier to work with. A computer programmer has to be always on top of all the latest things involving computers and how to work through the system. This knowledge is supported by the amount of degrees you have, to show your clients. This also helps you in getting promotions. Another thing is the Industry setting. Different business industries give different amount of money of the computer programmers. Rather than talking about it, a list of popular industries will make things much clearer.

  • Software Development – $42,126 – $82,973
  • Financial Services – $43,280 – $84,239
  • Health Care – $43,302 – $85,041
  • Information Technology (IT) Consulting – $42,687 – $86,023
  • Manufacturing – $45,448 – $87,877

That is basically the salary progression for the profession of computer programmers. So, if you are interested, this is truly a good job.