Construction Manager Salary

construction manager salaryBasic Construction Manager Salary Information:

The Construction manager salary stretches from $43,792 – $130,968. This makes the average salary of a construction manager to be at around $75,438. Construction Managers are solely responsible for the building of a project. They maintain everything from managing the planning, materials, building, and budget of a construction project or component of a project. There is a pretty high demand for this job as they Job outlook for this is at 17 percent which is quite high.

Employment is projected to grow from now till 2024. Construction managers will be in high demand, as overall construction activities will rise over the coming decade, in projects that relates to infrastructure, mining, oil and gas, as well as power.  Individuals who already have a bachelor’s degree either in construction science, civil engineering or construction management, together with some construction experience will have the best job opportunities. As you can see, obtaining practical work experience is very vital to this profession. You can gain some experience going for internship, apprenticeship, and also when you get employed as a construction worker. Others are carpentry, masonry as well as through work in a related field. These experiences could also assist in career advancement.

This salary affected by a lot of factors. And one of the largest factors is Location. The table below will be a list of how much does a Construction manager make in states:

State Range of salary
California $50,736 – $130,782
Texas $42,979 – $121,501
Florida $47,847 – $123,442
New York $45,615 – $136,422
Ohio $38,996 – $94,898
Illinois $45,615 – $112,821
Pennsylvania $47,513 – $142,031
Experience Range of salary
Less than 1 year $35,142 – $63,023
1 to 4 years $36,119 – $73,086
5 to 9 years $43,171 – $91,383
10 to 19 years $46,540 – $110,617
More than 2o years $53,484 – $142,939

As you can see from the tables below the Average salary of Construction manager depends a lot on the location and the experience. The first table is a list of the top paying states for this profession, whereas the second table shows the scaling of the salary with experience.

Other Factors and Influences that determine Construction manager salary:

The Construction Manager salary is often compared to the salary of a Event plannerTwo of the biggest factors of the salary of a Construction manager are Experience and education. This lets them to work on huge project that normally a starter would not get. Having a Project management Professional degree will see you with a salary of over $ 140,000. Below is a list of certification with the amount of salary it may help you to get.

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – $46,690 – $116,953
  • First Aid – $46,958 – $116,819
  • B-1 General Building Contractor – $48,329 – $129,120
  • Project Management Certificate – $48,384 – $133,121
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) – $54,107 – $143,901
  • LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP) – $52,505 – $124,574
  • Certified Construction Manager (CCM) – $47,329 – $136,971
  • Certified Professional Engineer (PE) – $63,866 – $164,829
  • ACI Concrete Certification – $40,037 – $116,971
  • Engineer in Training (EIT) – $51,282 – $132,500

Employee is also a one of the factors that affect the salaries. Working on a project from a Non-profit organization will see you getting a lesser salary than working for a private firm or a huge company. Another factor is the industry setting. Some of the popular industries are:

  • Construction – $43,410 – $119,852
  • Residential Building Construction – $41,035 – $104,397
  • Commercial Construction – $44,718 – $115,928
  • Real Estate Development – $43,100 – $114,296
  • Engineering Services – $44,932 – $130,216

Once a construction manager have gained some project management experience, he or she by virtue of this position, may become eligible to sitfor a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification examination. This exam, is specifically offered by the PMI. For those that have a bachelor’s degree, after accumulating about 3 years of work experience in project management, can take the 4-hours test. For those that have high school diploma only, or an associate degree, to sit for this certificate exam, he or she will need to have 5 years of relevant work experience.

Having excellent oral and written communication skills, is very essential for future construction managers. As a manager, you will also be work with different personalities, sohaving a good interpersonal skills is also very important as well. Also, skill that may be very necessary is knowing how to speak some foreign languages. This is becoming increasingly important in the construction profession.

Construction Manager is a high paying job that comes with a lot of responsibilities. It is quite hard to pull everything off, but the salary is a really good incentive.