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cook salaryBasic Cook Salary Information:

So, have you thought of anything other than math, science and art for your career? Not really? Well, it’s time you did! There are so many more interesting professions out there to choose from. Has looking at cooking shows made you want to cook for people? Have you ever felt like pleasing other people’s palate for a profession? Would you like to be a part of the hospitality industry? Formerly, this was not so celebrated a profession. But as time goes by, more and more chefs are becoming celebrities. To eat the food cooked or prepared by certain chefs has become a thing of pride. It is almost like buying an expensive branded product.

Being a cook is a matter of palate. It is not so much a matter of studies, though a minimal level of education is necessary. Knowledge such as those of hygiene and nutrition are almost mandatory to cooks. Cooking healthy and tasty food, is what most cooks are famous for. If you are thinking about being a cook, there is no reason to believe that all you need is apprenticeship. You do need apprenticeship, but there are some basic studies to be completed, if you want to be a truly world-famous cook.

The average salary of Cook is often compared to the salary of a Bookkeeper. The pay of cooks vary greatly since the term is very generalized and many specialized branches exist within this small word. A pastry chef is paid differently from a head of a restaurant; an apprentice is paid differently from a restaurant owner and so on and so forth. But, on average, the mean yearly pay of people holding the title of chef is around $20,260. And the job outlook for this profession is 8%. This is much lower than average and it means that there is tough competition in this field and one has to work really and with their heart and soul before one gets established in this profession.

The following table highlights the highest paying states in the profession:


Pay per annum/USD











The highest paying state, according to the table, is Hawaii with an annual pay of $29,200.

Other than that the number of experience that a cook has to his or her name will also affect the salary received by him or her.How much does a cook make is shown in the following table:

The following table illustrates this point:

Years of experience

Pay range

1-4 $13,602 – $41,156
5-9 $10,067 – $53,638
10-19 $23,422 – $26,666
>20 $21,798 – $29,400

So, are you thinking about being a cook yet?