Corporate Salaries

Corporate world is known to provide fat pay checks to its professionals who perform for their employers. These careers often get rewarded with incentives and bonuses in addition to faster growth in careers when compared to other industries. To find the best suitable careers for yourself, click on the occupation below:

OccupationAverage Salary
Event Planner$42,361
Sales Manager$98,530
Bank Teller$22,372
IT manager$79,287
Hotel Manager$41,649
Marketing Manager$61,216
Financial Analyst$56,196
Financial Adviser$60,413
Construction Manager$75,438
Chartered Financial Analyst$79,020
Certified Public Accountant$59,511
Investment Banker$100,000
Executive Assistant$30,000
Stock Broker$70,190
Wedding Planner$40,000
Walmart Manager$50,000