Electrician Salary

electrician salaryBasic Electrician Salary Information:

The job of an electrician is to install and maintain electrical systems in homes, businesses, and factories. They work indoor outdoors and full time. It may be evening or night, including weekends. The average pay for electricians is at $48250 per year, at around $23.20 per hour. This is also a job which is in quite a high demand. This is can be seen in the Job outlook which is at 23 percent, a lot faster than the average job outlook. How much does a electrician make is shown in table below: 


Hourly mean wage

Annual mean wage




New York












The tables above show how the salary of the job is affected by the state you are working in and your experience in this profession. AS you can see in the first table which shows the top paying state for this job; the state of New York pays the most with a salary of around $71000. This salary also scales well with experience as you can see form the second table. If you are committed to being an electrician then with enough experience you can earn at least $100,000.


Average Range of salary

1-4 years

$21,455 – $51,022

5-9 years

$29,003 – $65,625

10-19 years

$36,832 – $81,070

20 years or more

$35,254 – $95,510

Other Factors and Influences that determine Electrician salary:

The electrician salary varies on a lot of things. The first one is being type of job. Among these include self-employment, Electrical contractor and Instructor. You can either have a license and set up your own shop and be a self-employed electrician, or you can be a electrical contractor, or you can teach in schools and colleges as an instructor. They all fetch different sort of payment. Then another factor is the type of employer. There are some companies that only hire apprentice electricians, and then there are others that are looking for skilled and qualified electricians for the higher paying contracts. This depends of the stress of the work, the skill level required and the degree of responsibility. Also, Education and location is also a huge factor when it comes to salary.

Being an electrician is an all time job that requires you to be hard working and patient. In return you can receive a good amount of salary. Overall this is a good job.