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Salary of A Emergency Medical Technician


Basic salary information:

A job as Emergency Medical Technician or EMT is as academic as it is physical. You will have to be a High School Graduate, and must also have a Driver’s license and be certified in Basic Life Support. This profession has a Job growth percentage of $9 which is the same as most jobs in America. The average salary for Emergency Medical Technician is at around $36000 per annum. This is varied by which state you are in and the experience that you have. How much does an EMT make can be seen in the table below:


Average Hourly Salary











New York






Average Annual Salary
Less than 1 year 20,237 – $44,079
1 to 4 years $23,971 – $50,234
5 to 9 years $23,628 – $54,612
10-19 years $30,710 – $72,885
more than 20 years

$33,085 – $103,042

In the first table, you can see the top paying states that offer the most income from this profession. Nevada ends up at the top with having the most income for this job. Then in the second table, you can see the shift in income with years of experience. Your income grows substantially as you get more experienced. This is one of the major factors that affect the income of this profession.

Other Factors and Influences that determine salary:

The average salary for Emergency Medical Technician is often compared to the salary of a Respiratory Therapist. Some of the factors that affect the salary of this job are geographical and experience. We have discussed both this in the table above and I believe that will give you a clear idea of the changes you may expect as you change your geographical location or earn more experience. There are other factors such as education and demand, but they don’t have much of an effect on the initial salary. However, with higher certificate levels and additional education an EMT employee can earn more. Also, the demand varies from state to state and that has been shown in the first table already.

Demand for EMTs increases as the aging population has a more medical crisis. Also since most patients are transferred by ambulance, a trained EMT is of utmost need. This is a good job, with modest pay which should not be overlooked.

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