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executive assistant salary Basic Executive Assistant Salary Information:

In this fast-growing world of professions, there are several professional lives to choose from! When one is in high-school or grade school, it’s usually very difficult to tell which pathway a person is going to take. Many professions attract us with many things. But everyone’s personality is different. Everyone is not suited to every job. And there few sadder things on earth than landing oneself in the wrong profession and not finding out until it’s too late. So, if you understand yourself well and are the organizer type, then there is a perfect profession for you out there. Do you like to organize and schedule and keep everything in order? Are often attracted to putting things in order? If so, then the best profession for you is that of an executive assistant. So, what is it that an executive assistant has to do? It’s easy. They have to organize and schedule things for their boss. You may be more familiar with the term ‘secretary.’ It’s a job for those people who like to work within safe and comfortable office compounds, share a direct relationship with their boss, and have a relatively easy desk job. It’s a relaxing job and has its own perks and benefits. And the best thing about being an executive assistant is the fact that it requires almost no degrees other than yourself being a high school graduate. Other than that, if you have basic computer skills and office skills, you are good to go!

So, now let’s look at the comparison of the payment of the highest paying states in USA as far as being an salary of a executive assistant is concerned:


Amount per year/USD

New York






Virgin Islands


Washington DC






American Samoa




New Jersey


The average salary of Executive Assistant  is often compared to the salary of a IT managerOther than the pay, what more people are concerned about is the job outlook of the profession. This is about average in this profession, about 12%, meaning that most fresh graduates will not land themselves a job almost immediately, but will have to go through a phase of job-hunting.

There many factors that influence how much does a executive assistant make. One of them is experience. Other than experience, the extra job perks received, amount of holidays taken and the efficiency of a secretary in the office premises are also very strong determining factors.

The following table illustrates the increment with years of experience that an average secretary salary might expect:



First year $19,480 to $22,318
1-4 years $21,508 to $25,493
5-9 years $23,460 to $28,519
10-19 $27,159 to $29,051

So, choose your profession wisely