Fashion Designer Salary

fashion designer salaryBasic Fashion Designer Salary Information:

The Fashion designer Salary is usually quite high if you know what you are doing. A Fashion Designer is a person who comes up with the creative ideas behind clothing and accessories. Fashion Designers are the ones who work up renderings and hold the overall vision of what the completed work should be. The fashion designer is expected to have some sewing skills. This is very important, in order to be able to create the first clothing example. After handing over the design to a factory or other clothing producers, it is the fashion designer’s responsibility to monitor the entire process of production, to make sure that the final result, meets the quality standards and requirements of the company.

The salary ranges from $35,774 – $103,466. The average salary of a fashion designer is around $59,069. The salary of a fashion designer varies from state to state. The table below will list some of the highest paying state in America.

StateAverage range of salary
New York $38,963 – $103,779
California$37,396 – $99,340
Ohio$42,500 – $102,500
Texas$24,730 – $96,958
Washington$35,479 – $88,769
Minnesota$47,917 – $68,250
Pennsylvania$42,000 – $75,000

The salary also increases as you get more experienced. How much does a fashion designer make is shown in the table below:

ExperienceAverage Range of Salary
1 to 4 years$32,058 – $63,135
5 to 9 years$45,935 – $92,618
10 to 19 years$46,344 – $119,867
More than 20 years$46,978 – $173,826

Other Factors and Influences that determine Fashion Designer salary:

The  Fashion Designer Salary is often compared to the salary of a Nutritionist. Geographical location and experience isn’t the only thing that affects the salary of a fashion designer. Factors such as special skills, industry setting, employee type and education determine the salary a lot. Having extensive and skill with adobe Photoshop, adobe illustrator, and technical garment knowledge can see you earning a lot more money. Then there is education. To be a really good fashion designer, you need to have degrees in fashion designing. Some of the top degrees are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree – $38,885 – $99,157
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Fashion Design – $36,420 – $106,654
  • Associate’s Degree – $33,964 – $118,359
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA), Fashion Design – $36,920 – $85,862
  • Bachelor of Science (BS / BSc), Fashion Design – $39,320 – $89,873

Next comes industrial setting, this is also a big factor like the rest mentioned above. The highest paying industry is the manufacturing industry, you can earn up to $97,067 working in this industry. The industries and their salary are as follows:

  • Clothing Store – $37,463 – $90,399
  • Fashion Design – $37,087 – $89,707
  • Textile, Apparel, and Accessories, Wholesale – $36,583 – $88,602
  • Apparel Manufacturing – $37,644 – $93,229
  • Manufacturing – $40,948 – $97,067

Lastly there is employee type. I will try to not complicate this and have it in a list, simplified.

  • Company – $38,401 – $97,029
  • Private Practice/Firm – $38,250 – $90,000
  • Self-Employed – $40,695 – $98,264
  • Other Organization – $57,391 – $90,000

Becoming a fashion designer could be quite simple, but in the real sense, there some basic skills one must have to succeed in this profession. Prospective fashion designers must have a good eye for color, texture and shape, good drawing skills, ability to spot and develop trends, other technical abilities like sewing and cutting. He or she cannot succeed without having thorough understanding of the characteristics of different fabric and their uses.

Employment of these professionals is expected to fall by 3% from now till 2022. A lot of apparels are now being produced internationally and as a result, employment of fashion designers in the apparel manufacturing sector will fall by some percentages. This is what will prevent the employment of those in this field to increase. However the case may be, fashion designers will still be required to design clothing as well as other accessories like shoes and bags, for the mass market and regular wear. Also, the inventions of new technology in the industry will also create a need for the fashion designer to produce new garments. Every angle, points to the fact that the available jobs for fashion designers will be highly competitive but those who have formal education as well as some industrial experiences will have better job prospects.

Fashion designing is a really great job that can see you travelling to some of the most beautiful places and meeting celebrities. If you good at this, there isn’t another job netter for you.