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Salary of a FBI agent

salary fbi

Basic Salary Information:

The FBI protects the country all sort of dangers such as terrorists, drug traffickers and white collar criminals. FBI agents handle the most dangerous cases that have to deal with the most dangerous criminals. They have to very skillful and educated and physically in their prime to handle any sort of situation. The salary of a FBI agent can go from $36,000 to $145,000. This makes it an average salary of $64,500. This salary is further varied if you take geographical location into consideration. Below is a table of the states that pays the most to FBI agents. How much does FBI agent make can be seen table below:


Annual Average Salary Range


$50,335 – $153,960


$41,446 – $103,382


$24,000 – $47,250

District of Columbia

$55,028 – $81,389

New York

$40,337 – $99,159

The salary of a FBI agent also matters on the number of experience a person has. A more experienced FBI agent will earn a lot more than a newcomer. This is shown in the table below.


Annual Average Salary Range

Less than a year

$10,304 – $96,958

1 to 4 years

$34,521 – $10


5 to 9 years

$35,234 – $68,510

10 to 19 years

$35,117 – $103,905

More than 20 years

$40,851 – $342,550

 Other Factors and Influences that determine salary:

As I have mentioned before, geographical location and experience plays a huge part when determining the salary of an FBI agent. But other than those two a lot of other factors come into play. First and foremost there is education. Education is vital when it comes to FBI agents. They have to very educate in the fields of criminology and also to some extent Law.  Having a degree in law will attract better salary and help in getting promotions as FBI agents. Secondly a FBI agent will have to be skilled on a lot of things. They need to have engineering expertise, Investigative experience and military experience to get the highest salary possible. After all is said and done a FBI agent has to be physically fit to perform the best in his task. Work performance and efficiency also plays a huge role.

The average salary of FBI agent  is often compared to the salary of a Podiatrist. Being an FBI agent is a dream job to most kids and adult alike. The idea of having to save your country from massive threats and keeping the future clean from high ranking drugs dealers for your kids is what every moral citizen wants to do.