Firefighter Salary

firefighter salaryBasic Firefighter Salary Information:

The firefighter salary is at around $47,850 with an hourly wage of $23.00. The job of a firefighter is a very important and a vital one. They save lives and are seen as heroes by most. They control and extinguish fires or must respond to emergency situations where there is direct threat to property, environment, and even, life. Among the duties the most common are preventing fires, responding to hazardous material, disaster assistance, search and rescue and many more. However they don’t do all this for free.This changes on the location of the job as we will see in the table below.

State Average Firefighter  salary
Texas $32,983 – $69,139
California $29,590 – $97,149
Georgia $24,978 – $51,804
Florida $24,049 – $71,128
Illinois $35,249 – $91,584
South Carolina $25,111 – $40,205
Virginia $35,159 – $59,800

As you can see from the table above, the salary varies greatly depending on the location. In these locations the demand of the profession and the Quality of life matters a lot.

Experience also plays a huge role in determining the salary of a Firefighter. The more experienced you are, the better your salary will be. How much does a Firefighter make is shown in the table below.

Experience Average Firefighter Salary
Less than a year $23,422 – $50,868
1 to 4 years $24,847 – $55,840
5 to 9 years $28,408 – $70,831
10 to 19 years $32,275 – $84,208
More than 20 years $37,899 – $96,882

 Factors that impact how much does a Firefighter make:

The average salary of Firefighter is often compared to the salary of a Brain Surgeon. There are a lot of other factors that bring change to how much does a Firefighter make. Firefighters have a direct control over some of these factors. Factors that the firefighter often has a good degree of control over include rank, education, responsibility as well as performance. Other factors, which a firefighter has minimal or no control over, include: unionization, departmental budgets, employment status, legislation, and hours worked. Normally to increase the salary a firefighter has to focus on performance, demonstrating leadership skills and a commitment to continuing education. This will ensure that he earns the most of what he is worth. Among all these, education is the most important factor, as it can lead to higher salary and promotions.