Garbage Collector Salary

garbage collector salaryBasic Garbage man Salary Information:

The Garbage man salary stretches from $20,150 to $53,662. That gives this profession a Median salary of about $39,217. One of the best things about garbage collectors is that you don’t any sort of formal education to be one. And also it one of the best paying dirty jobs out there.For a job that you can do without any education what-so-ever I would say this is a pretty good salary. This varies from state to state as you will see from the table below.


Hourly mean wage

Annual mean wage

New York















The above table shows the most top paying states for the job of trash collecting.  As you can see from the table above the state of New York pays the most to Garbage collectors with a Annual; Average salary of over $50,000. The  garbage collector salary is also affected by experience. As you get more experience you earn per hour. How much does a Garbage Collector make is shown in the table below.

Experience Average Hourly Wage
1 to 4 years $8.14 – $21.70
5 To 9 years $12.71 – $22.26

As you get more experienced you earn lot more, and your starter wage increases by $4 an hour.

Other Factors and Influences that determine Garbage man salary:

Geographical location and experience aren’t the only factors that affect the salary of a garbage collector. There are many other factors like industry setting and one’s ability to drive through any sort of weather conditions and traffic to reach in time to a certain destination. The changes for Industry setting are as follows:


Hourly mean wage

Annual mean wage 

Postal Service



State Government (OES Designation)



Local Government (OES Designation)



Waste Treatment and Disposal



Other Support Services



The Garbage Collector salary  is often compared to the salary of a Receptionist. The ones above are the top paying industries for this profession. Also the other thing that affects your salary is your own skill and ability. A garbage man has to work in various conditions and climate to do what their job. This requires a certain bit of patience and effort. But, overall there really aren’t a lot of other factors that can affect the salary by that much.

Of course, garbage collection is the sort of job one dream of doing. But, requiring no education and having a good salary makes this job more than worthwhile.