Geologist Salary

geologist salaryBasic Geologist Salary Information:

The most discussed issue anywhere on earth right now is the environment. The sustainability of earth, along with the sustainability of humans, is a question scientists all over the earth are trying to answer. If you are thinking of making a career out of the study of sustainability of the earth, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Geologists are also known otherwise as geoscientists. They are responsible for the study of the earth and for planning the best way to use resources of the earth so that the diversity of life is sustained for the longest period of time. The study of the earth conducted by geologists also reveals various physical aspects of the earth and gives information regarding the past, present and future of the earth.

One may not be readily able to imagine how highly the study of the earth pays geologists. The job is very highly paid, with an average geologist salary is $82,500 in the US. This is very much higher than average and this value is only likely to increase in the future, considering the environmental problems confronting the human race right now. This is also showcased by the job outlook of the profession which stands at a well-rounded figure of about 21%. This is also much higher than average and a graduate in geology will hardly have to spend any time at all looking for jobs as soon as he or she has graduated in the subject.

The following table showcases the highest paying states in the US:


Highest Pay per year/USD















From the table we can see that the best place to be a geologist in is the state of Texas since it pays the highest yearly wage of $182,107.

The average salary of Geologist  is often compared to the salary of a Architect. Other than the state that one lives in, the amount of experience one has as a geologist also affect his or her final pay in the year. A geologist who is more experienced is expected to produce more reliable data and be more capable of being in charge of team or leading an expedition

The following table illustrates how much does geologist make in USA:

Years of experience

Geologist Salary Range/USD

Less than1 $31,481 to $98,178
1-4 $37,819 to $102,058
5-9 $44,085 to $101,925
10-19 $47,793 to $164,000
>20 $58,175 to $182,965

As we can see, the job of a geologist is a highly paid one and it comes with its own perks and benefits. If you chose to make a living out of the earth, it may not be such a bad idea!