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Salary of a Graphic Artist

salary graphic designer

Basic Salary Information:

Graphic artist are employed in various fields or industries. Whenever visually stimulating designs are necessary, a Graphic artist is called upon. The one biggest plus point a graphic artist is that they get to work free of shackles and use their own creativity to their limit and come up with awesome ideas and visuals. The salary of a Graphic artist is divided among 4 major divisions. One is the actually salary, then the bonus, Profit sharing and commission. This can be seen in the table below.

Salary $27,826 – $58,541
Bonus $0.00 – $3,067
Profit Sharing $294.41 – $5,132
Commission $0.00 – $5,960

This gives this profession a total pay of $24,338 – $59,232 and an average salary of around $36,994. This salary of a Graphic artist is affected by a lot of other factors such as geographical location and experience. How much does a Graphic designer make is illustrated in the tables below.

State Range Of salary
California $30,019 – $68,358
New York $28,405 – $66,297
Texas $28,465 – $54,764
Illinois $29,649 – $59,361
Florida $25,390 – $50,849
Ohio $26,027 – $57,044
Pennsylvania $25,888 – $49,289

As you can see form the table above, the salaries vary by quite a lot in depending on the state you are doing the job in. The above table shows the top paying states. Then comes experience and it also has a huge effect on the amount of salary of a Graphic artist.

Experience Range of salary
Less than a year $24,104 – $41,618
1 to 4 years $25,351 – $49,351
5 to 9 years $29,692 – $58,487
10 to 19 years $30,819 – $68,734
More than 20 years $31,252 – $72,694

 Other Factors and Influences that determine salary:

The average salary of Graphic Artist  is often compared to the salary of a Insurance Agent. There are mainly 4 factors that affect the salary of a graphic artist. Among these four we have already discussed about location and experience. The other one is qualification. While experience is a bigger factor, education also plays a role in determining the salary. Your qualification will let your clients know that you are capable of what you say you are capable of. This is more like a calling card increasing your chances of getting more clients therefore more salary. The other factor is the industry. One of the biggest questions if a graphic designer is if he want to freelance or go work for a bug company. Companies provide quite a good amount of salary and are great for a starter. But, freelancing is the place where a graphic artist shines. Getting the amount of experience necessary a graphic artist should go freelance and earn a much higher salary.

Graphic designing is a great job and offers a good salary. If you are the creative type, this is surely your job.