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Salary of a Helicopter Pilot

salary helicopter pilot

Basic Salary Information:

A helicopter pilot does exactly as the name says, they drive helicopters. This requires you to have a license and certain degree of education. The growth of this job is quite high, at a percentage of 11, this profession has a higher than average job outlook. The starting salary of a helicopter pilot can be at around $50,418. This salary goes as high as $124.774 with experience and other factors and gives this profession an average salary of $68,864. The salary of a helicopter pilot also varies depending on the geographical location. This can be seen in the table below which shows some of the top saying states for this profession.

States Range of salary
Florida $57,945 – $116,604
Texas $49,833 – $137,680
California $40,268 – $129,128
New York $58,594 – $139,000
Pennsylvania $58,000 – $78,000
Arizona $49,132 – $70,337
Illinois $53,466 – $62,622

The salary also increase as you get more experienced. A helicopter pilot doesn’t need to retire early. This gives them a higher value as they are more aged and experienced. How much does a Helicopter pilot make is shown in table below:

Experience Range of salary
1 to 4 years $42,882 – $97,170
5 to 9 years $46,105 – $109,010
10 to 19 years $52,381 – $119,400
More than 20 years $54,107 – $139,660


Other Factors and Influences that determine salary:

The average salary of Helicopter Pilot  is often compared to the salary of a Travel Agent. There are several factors that come into play when it comes to the salary of the helicopter pilot. Firstly there is the different type of jobs, all of which offer different range of salary. The list for the different job types and their respective salary are below.

  • Oil & Gas – $47,632 – $144,496
  • Military or Armed Forces – $44,118 – $106,488
  • Emergency Medical Services – $53,765 – $80,537
  • Commercial Aviation or Airline – $56,534 – $132,656
  • Health Care – $61,042 – $74,609
  • Transportation – $58,958 – $70,000
  • Passenger Aircraft Charter – $49,132 – $64,826

The above shown figures are just a sample of how much a helicopter makes in different careers. However, employee type also matters. Working for a company can get you a salary of a helicopter pilot as high as $125,000 but, working for a hospital can see you with a salary of $73,000.

Being a pilot is tough but the rewards are also high. However, the salary of a helicopter pilot is more than enough and the job lets you fly. What more do you need?