Hotel Manager Salary

hotel manager salary Basic Hotel Manager Salary Information:

The  Hotel manager salary is at $41,649.The responsibility of a hotel manager is to supervise the hotel staff and their daily operations . They themselves inspect rooms to make sure that highest standard of quality and cleanliness is maintained. Basically, if a hotel is running smoothly, it has a really good hotel manager. For this reason and the responsibilities that a hotel manager faces, they earn from anywhere around $23,025 – $96,845. The average salary of a Hotel manager is at $41,649. How much does a hotel manager make depends on the location of the hotel and the experience that a hotel manager has.

State Average range of Salary
California $33,141 – $81,052
Florida $30,913 – $87,262
New York $29,972 – $145,437
Texas $24,511 – $76,340
Nevada $33,221 – $89,396
Colorado $19,500 – $62,000
Washington $25,760 – $77,566
Experience Average Range of Salary
Less than a year $20,608 – $69,810
1 to 4 years $23,903 – $53,927
5 to 9 years $29,900 – $72,662
10 to 19 years $28,862 – $102,409
More than 20 years $35,622 – $123,650

There are two tables above that show the different salary of a Hotel manager depending on the location of the job and the experience. The first table shows the top paying states for the profession. As you can see a Hotel manager on New York earns than a Judge in Texas. That speaks for itself.

In the second table you can see the difference in salary with experience. The more experienced you are, the more you are adept at handling the responsibilities of a hotel and the better the salary.

Factors that impact how much does a Hotel Manager make:

The Hotel Manager Salary is often compared to the salary of a Financial Adviser. The salary of a hotel manager depends not only on location and experience, but also on a lot of different factors. Some of those factors are employee types and industry setting. Some of the most popular industry setting for the profession of Hotel managers is:

  • Hotel – $27,884 – $84,997
  • Hotel Management – $30,541 – $100,048
  • Casino and Resort – $28,987 – $96,627
  • Travel and Hospitality Services – $27,465 – $83,459
  • Indian Gaming or Casino – $29,553 – $90,773

Secondly, is the type of employee that hires you. The most popular employee types are:

  • Company – $28,695 – $97,621
  • Franchise – $20,135 – $68,023
  • Other Organization – $20,608 – $75,250
  • Self-Employed – $34,500 – $49,261
  • Private Practice/Firm – $36,336 – $58,326

And when it comes to education an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in hotel management or a related field is preferred but not required. But for those applicants that do not hold any degree, a high school diploma and experience in hotel management would be essential to get a job. Having a grip over both verbal and non verbal communication is essential for a hotel manager.

The Job of a hotel manager can be tedious times. The work environment depends on how capable you are of handling a hotel. But the salary is really a lot and workload is totally worth it.