How to become a Fashion Designer


Basic Job Description of Fashion Designer

Fashion designers are classified as beauty and design professionals, who are responsible for creating the millions of new dresses, shirts, shoes, as well as other types of clothing that gets into the market yearly. A fashion designer may work for a high-end design firm and a whole producer. They can also work for themselves as a freelancer. For fashion designers who works for a whole producer or a design company, their duty is to create some form of designs that will be in agreement with the specific requirements and quotas that the company needs to meet. Those working as freelance fashion designers may occasionally take on work from large companies, in order to render some help especially during busy periods.

Freelancers may also have some private client that they work for. They may be involved in doing work for costumes as well as theatre companies, to make costumes for a production. They may also do some design work for individuals who do not want to buy mass-produced clothing. Fashion designers may also do work for smaller boutiques that may not have the resources to employ the services of a full-time designer. Those in this profession are typically involved in almost every step in the creation of new clothing. Fashion designers, draw up some design sketches, pick the right color as well as fabrics, develop initial piece for testing, and also pitch the designer that have being created to clients and buyers. Fashion designers may choose to work specifically in one type of clothing. It can be women’s, juniors, kids or men’s clothing. They can also work in any other area of clothing or fit into any position of the profession that they like.

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What Degree is required to become a Fashion Designer

Educational Requirements

It is not compulsory for aspiring individuals to have a college degree, in order to become fashion designers. However, it does not mean that prospects should not earn one. While passing through formal education is not required to enter into this profession, many of the candidates who will be competing for you for this same job, will either have an associate or a bachelor’s degree in fashion design or related field. For those that have made up their minds to acquire a degree, their course work will include sewing and tailoring, color, pattern making, fashion history and computer-aided design (CAD). Prospects will also be taught different types of clothing like menswear or footwear.

Other requirements

Going for an internship training is a valuable addition to the education that the individual receives in the classroom. One can only gain meaningful experience when he or she works as an assistant to a fashion designer. In addition to the technical skills that the individual learns in a classroom or on the design floor working as an intern, he or she must have several characteristics, for them to succeed in this occupation. The first thing to look out for here is the individual’s artistic abilities.As a fashion designer, one should be able to transform a simple design from an idea to a physical illustration and then to a prototype, on which the finished product will be based on.One other ability the individual must have is creativity, without it, those ideas would not be generated in the first place. Fashion designers also works in a team structure; this makes communication skills as well as team work ability a very important trait. Computer Aided Design (CAD) are becoming widely accepted in the world of fashion and therefor, those aspiring to become fashion designers must learn how to use this technology very well.

It is very important to note that individuals, aspiring to become fashion designers can either go for a bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or an associate degree program. These are different program levels in fashion designing.

Is there any requirement for Certification or License?

There are no basic requirement for certification or licensing for fashion designers; as a matter of fact, you do not need to have a license to work legally as a fashion designer. The most important thing that employers look out for in job applicant is their experience as well as qualification; this gives job applicant an upper hand.

How long does it take to become a Fashion Designer

There are about three levels of education for those aspiring to enter this profession with a degree. They are associate degree, bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree program.  The associate degree in fashion design, usually takes 2-years to accomplish. Students that goes through this program will be equipped with fundamental technical skills like sewing, tailoring, as well as basic fashion theories. The bachelor’s degree generally takes 4 years to complete. This degree, offers a more extensive career training to prospects. Master’s degree program for fashion design, takes between 5 to 6 years to accomplish, assuming the student takes a full-time work load.

Fashion Designer Job Location and Prospects

Upon completion of the program, many fashion designers, may decide to work with retail stores, design services and manufacturers.  Wholesalers have been listed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as the largest employers of fashion design graduates. About 28 percent of these fashion designers, are employed through apparel merchant wholesalers. Apart from working for a company, fashion designers may also work as freelancers; this includes working directly for clients, although this may involve long hours of work. Those that work as freelance fashion designers are also responsible for billing as well as collecting money from clients. Fashion designer salary information can be obtained here.

The job competition is very high. This is due to the fact that a lot of fashion designers are getting more attracted to the creativity and glamour that is associated with the occupation. Although there will be few job openings for individuals in this profession due to the low job turnover and the small number of new openings that is created each year. Most of the job opportunities that will be available will be in design firms that produce mass market clothing, which are sold in department and retail stores like apparel wholesale firms.