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Who is not troubled by the question: what do you want to be in the future? A daunting task it is, to choose from the millions of professions available. Once you have a chosen a profession, however, there is almost no backing out. So, before you dash headlong to it, it would be a smart thing to do to give it some thought. Do you love finances or do you love biology? Do you love numbers? Or are you better at management skills? Keep these questions in mind before you choose your profession.

Investment Banker is not an easy profession. If you wanted to be one, you’d have to graduate from some of the top universities in finance and graduate in an exam known as the CFA. The number of jobs being less than the number of job applicants means that there is intense completion and the weaker ones in the field get eliminated. But if finance is your dream job, then Investment Banker is the job for you. One thing is for sure, if you get settled in the job, you never have to worry about making money again. The average salary of a Investment banker is $100,000.

As with most professions, the pay of an Investment Banker varies greatly from state to state. The following table will inform you how much does an Investment banker make in the US:


Salary per year/USD

New York




Virgin Islands


Washington, D.C.










American Samoa




The average salary of Investment Banker  is often compared to the salary of a Bank TellerThe job of an investment banker is not an easy one. It deals with the turning of private companies in to private ones and also deals with the merger of different companies. The job requires long nights of work and lots and lots of travel. Of course, the travels are for business purposes so if you like travelling and having fun a lot of fun, this job will be very disappointing for you. The tours are business-purpose only and very short and stressful. However, the financial compensations are great. One thing must be known is that the final pay of investment bankers actually not really dependent on the salary of a Investment Banker paid by the finance firm that employs him or her. It is actually dependent on the commissions received by them. The amount of commissions received by a banker depends on the number of clients they have. And that is dependent on the years of experience in the field.

The table below shows the variance of pay of bankers with experience: 



First year $23,008
1-4 years $35,310
5-9 years $47,661
10-19 $52,148
More than 20 $75,000

The longer you stay, the more you earn!