IT manager Salary

IT manager salaryBasic IT Manager Salary Information:

The IT manager salary is around $79,287. This makes it around $45,021 – $126,862. This is really high salary, but has a lot of factors.

As information technology industry attracts the best minds who deal with complex tasks, so an IT manager must have the skills to lead his intelligent team and achieve his targets on time. Their job is very technical and requires specific training to understand mathematical computer languages. With the use of computers in just about every form of industry, the profession of IT managers has shown a high rise in demand, and a substantial increase in salary. The most obvious factors are experience and geographical location. How much does a IT manager make is  illustrated in the tables below.

State Average Range of Salary
California $53,851 – $131,228
Texas $47,623 – $121,043
Illinois $46,989 – $115,756
New York $51,692 – $124,733
Florida $42,444 – $102,619
Ohio $45,510 – $110,391
Pennsylvania $48,160 – $113,854

The above table shows the top paying states for the job of IT managers. California is the highest paying state, with a whopping salary of $131,228. But still the salary of around $114,000 is not less by any means in Pennsylvania.

Experience Average Range of salary
Less than a year $34,645 – $92,524
1 to 4 years $35,408 – $93,702
5 to 9 years $43,674 – $101,605
10 to 19 years $53,742 – $120,773
More than 20 years $56,217 – $129,522

The above shows the scaling of the salary of an IT manager with experience. You can see that the salary scales quite well with experience. This means that the older you get, the better your remuneration.

Other Factors and Influences that determine IT Manager salary:

The  IT manager salary is often compared to the salary of a Construction Manager. Other than experience and location an IT manager has to have extensive knowledge of computers. They handle all information of a company and have to be well equipped to handle any sort of failure in the system. That is why candidates with higher certification get better job and higher salaries. The second factor is the industry setting. Depending on the type of industry you work in you get different salaries.

  • Information Technology (IT) Services – $50,389 – $121,089
  • Government Contractor – $44,635 – $120,018
  • Manufacturing – $50,913 – $110,030
  • Health Care – $49,321 – $120,934
  • Financial Services – $56,095 – $126,361
  • Information Technology (IT) Consulting – $67,328 – $138,018
  • Banking – $50,805 – $120,047

Another factor can be the Employee type. Companies will always pay a lot more than any school can.

IT manager are really the taking over. They have a hold in every form of industry and i really don’t see them going out of demand any soon.