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Journalist SalaryBasic Journalist Salary Information:

Are you having to think about taking up your profession right now? Is it a decision that you will have to take soon? For many of us, our dream is to be professors and doctors and engineers and to work within the secure boundaries of one’s work station. While this is just fine, saving lives and building buildings, there are some of us who would like to risk our necks for the benefits of humanity. There will always be some people after the truth and in search of the truth and with aim of revealing the truth. Without the actions of these people, the world might be a worse place. These people are known as journalists.

The job of a reporter is mainly to write. They have the job of reporting any and every news that they can find. First of all, to be a journalist, one needs to have a degree in either journalism or mass communication. Having an internship at a news paper or having written for the college paper also helps up the chance of landing oneself a job.

Now, let’s discuss about the payment of people who report the news. People who report the news are paid various wages depending on many variables. On average, the mean pay of journalist in the US in the year 2010 was $36,000 per year. The job outlook of this profession is a little contradictory. While the job outlook of new broadcasters is expected to rise by 10%, the job outlook of newspaper journalists is expected to fall by 6%. This is because of markedly decreased readership in the last few years.

The following table shows the highest paying states in the profession of journalism:


Pay per annum/USD

New York






The Journalist salary  is often compared to the salary of a Helicopter Pilot. Other than the state that one lives in, what affects the pay of journalists even more heavily is the number of experience they have in their respective field. The skill and technique of a journalist only ripen further with age. The longer they have been in the profession, the better they write and the better they know of where to get information from. How much does a Journalist make can be seen in table below:

Years of experience

Pay range/USD

Less than 1 year $19,866 to $50,111
1-4 $20,631 to $48,177
5-9 $25,967 to $78,210
10-19 $29,005 to $109,748
>20 $34,792 to $118,359

In addition to these factors such as the level of risk involved or the setting of the job and the importance of the news gathered may also affect the annual salary of a reporter.

So, if you’re thinking to report the news, don’t think twice, it’s a great profession!