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Lab technician Salary

Medical Laboratory AssistantBasic Medical Laboratory Technician Salary Information:

The  Medical Lab Technician Salary is at around $46,680 per years with an average hourly wage of $22.44 per hour. Medical laboratory technicians are people who analyze bodily fluid for a various reasons. . This is due to the high growth of this job and its substantially high demand. This job has an outlook of 13 percent which is generally higher than the average. The salary of a Lab Technician can go as high as $80,000 and depends on a lot of factor. The most obvious one of this factor is Geographical location as we will see from the table below.

State Average Range of Annual salary
Wisconsin $32,000 – $41,175
Pennsylvania $36,530 – $48,605
California $36,530 – $56,993
Illinois $27,000 – $56,000
Ohio $29,388 – $48,500
Massachusetts $34,234 – $67,407
Texas $27,919 – $60,000

As you can see form the table above the location of the job influences the salary by quite a lot. This salary is further influenced by the years of experience a Lab technician has. We will see  how much does a Lab Technician make  with experience in the table below.

Experience Average Range of salary
Less than a year $30,837 – $49,132
1 to 4 years $23,270 – $50,170
5 to 9 years $24,108 – $59,180
10 to 19 years $29,866 – $69,290
More than 20 years $26,553 – $74,382

 Other Factors and Influences that determine Lab Technician salary:

The  Lab technician Salary is often compared to the salary of a Legal secretaryGeographical location and experience isn’t the only thing that affects the salary of this profession. The industry setting has s lot to do with it too. Depending on industry you are working on your salary will vary by quite a lot.

  • Federal government – $62,880
  • Hospitals; state, local, and private – $56,470
  • Medical and diagnostic laboratories – $55,930
  • Offices of physicians – $52,250

Another factor that affects the salary is the field of expertise or the specialty of the lab technician. The salary of a Histotechnologist is different that of a Cytotechnologist. But that’s not all, a certain type of technician will earn differently depending on the type of laboratory he or she works in.

Specialty Average Hourly Rate
Medical Laboratory Technician $18 – $22
Phlebotomy Technician $13 – $20
Histotechnologist $25 – $30
Histotechnician $23 – $28
Cytotechnologist $31 – $39

The Job of a laboratory technician isn’t clocked. They may even have to work evening, overnight and on weekends depending on the workload. But this job has its own benefits and bonus and with the pay it has, this profession is one to look out for.