Lawyer Salary

Lawyer Salary and descriptionBasic Lawyer Salary Information:

The lawyer salary is from $45,292 to $166,419 per annum. Being a Lawyer doesn’t necessarily mean that you will work in the justice department. There are various field of work for Lawyer and each has its own salary structure. This however also depends on a lot of other factors. But, as a whole Lawyer in one of that profession that offers one of the highest remuneration in any country or state. This gives a median pay of around $78,523. This however varies depending on the state you are working on.


Range of Average Salary


$56,627 – $161,705

New York

$45,578 – $150,749


$43,221 – $130,106


$46,591 – $162,415


$41,110 – $141,144


$41,520 – $140,770

New Jersey

$46,877 – $133,170

The above Table shows the top paying States, however the salary will increase depending on the city you are working in too. District of Columbia in Washington offers the highest salary of over $179,000. The lowest among the top five being Miami, Florida with $145,300. How much does a lawyer make also affected by the experience of the Lawyer.

This is being illustrated in the table below:


Average Range of Lawyer Salary

Less than 1 year

$38,694 – $82,634

1-4 years

$41,401 – $99,847

5-9 years

$54,321 – $142,010

10-19 years

$61,521 – $175,338

20 years or more

$61,296 – $216,540

As you can see from table above the salary of a lawyer drastically increase as he or she gains more experience. This can go over a whopping $216,000, which is a lot.

Factors that impact how much does a Lawyer make.

Lawyer Salary  gets impacted by a lot of factors other than geographical location and experience. Factors other than geographical location and experience that affect  are education, Industry setting, field of expertise and employee type.

Let’s start with Education first. Lawyers who have the highest degree get the most pay. Being a certified Specialist can get you the best salary you can hope for at $ $71,637 – $188,212. This is also influenced by the type of industry setting you are working on.


Average Salary

Law Office

$43,951 – $144,318

Legal Services

$43,335 – $140,565

Litigation Support

$48,750 – $129,604

Insurance Carrier

$51,081 – $127,271


$49,553 – $131,418

Government or Public Law Office

$44,057 – $135,079

Financial Services

$56,086 – $156,630

Then there is Field of expertise. Depending on your specialty you will get different salary. A lawyer who is good at negotiations can fetch up to $167,000 whereas an Insurance lawyer can get only $138,500. Last but not least is the employee type. By this what I mean is the how you are generally employed. For e.g. If you are self-employed you will earn a lot more than if you are working for a company or a hospital. This plays a huge factor in determining the salary.

Verdict on Lawyer Salary:

The average salary of Lawyer  is often compared to the salary of a Medical Examiner. The profession of lawyer is honestly one of the best professions out there. If you are good at it, you can earn more than you can even expect. There is no set value of salary; you can earn a huge amount or even a small amount depending on you.