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Salary of a Medical Assistant


Basic Salary Information:

Certified medical Assistants complete the administrative and clinical task in the offices of other medical professionals. However, their duties vary with the location, specialty, and size of the practice. The Demand for the job is actually quite high at around 31 percent. This affect the salary a Certified Medical Assistant which is roughly $28,860 per year. That is around $13.87 per hour. However, this average salary of Certified Medical Assistant caries on the location of the profession and the year of experience they have. The tables below will illustrate this further.

State Average Salary
Texas $34,908
California $39,678
Florida $36,579
New York $38,589
Georgia $33,513
Pennsylvania $34,861
New Jersey $39,998


Experience Average salary
Less than a year $30,410
1 to 4 years $31,008
5 to 9 years $35,844
10 to 19 years $40,424
More than 20 years $42,350

The first table shows the difference in salary of a Certified Medical Assistant from state to state. It also shows the top paying states. The second table shows how much does a medical assistant make with years of experience. Experience is huge factor that affects the salary of this profession a lot.

Other Factors and Influences that determine salary:

Some of the other factors that affect the salary of a Medical Assistant other than geographical location and Experience are Industry type and employer type. Industry setting brings a lot of change to the work of a CMA and also in the professions salary. This is shown below:

  • Medical Office  – $39,580
  • Health Care – $36,877
  • Physician’s Office – $31,399
  • Hospital – $35,000
  • Pediatrician’s Office – $33,760
  • Health Clinic – $29,963
  • Obstetrician’s or Gynecologist’s Office – $29,719

The other factor is the Employer type. Medical assistants that are employed by government usually earn the highest salary and is close to  $31,458. Colleges and universities pay the second highest average salary, at $31,070, and hospitals pay $28,157. And the last factor to affect the salary is promotions. This depends on the individual himself and his work performance. The better he or she is, the faster he or she will get promoted and thus gain a higher salary.

Certified Medical Assistant is a really good job. You can truly care for the people that need it the most and the remuneration is also good enough. This is a good profession overall.