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Salary of a Medical Examiner

salary medical examiner

Basic Salary Information:

The other name of a medical examiner is forensic medical examiner. It may sound pretty grotesque at first, because most movies and TV series make a forensic medical examiner out to be psychos who enjoy dissecting dead bodies. Reality could not be farther from the truth. While dissecting bodies and discovering clues within the dead body itself is very important, it is not the only job of a medical examiner. A person in this profession has many responsible duties since they are connected to the law and anything that they say could in favor of or against a person’s life or death sentence. Important parts of their job include the collection and preservation of various clues from a crime scene, analyzing these evidences and giving opinions in the court of law regarding various deaths and cases.

The average salary of a medical examiner is about $51,570 per year and the job outlook is pretty high, standing at 19%. However, it must be remembered that no private company can employ medical examiners. Only public companies and hospitals have the right and can employ medical examiners. So, the fact that all medical examiners are, in fact, employed by the government actually narrows down the number of organizations that a person can apply to. It is more likely that a person will be required to have a bachelor’s degree or sometimes even more degrees, varying from institute to institute.

The pay of medical examiners varies from state to state. The following table illustrate how much does a medical examiner make in USA:


Pay per annum/USD

Mississippi $48,000
Massachusetts $46,000
California $45,000
Connecticut $44,000
Georgia $44,000
Illinois $43,000
Alabama $41,000
Indiana $41,000
Maryland $41,000
Montana $41,000

The highest paying state in this profession happens to be Mississippi with an annual pay of $48,000 and the lowest paying state happens to be Hawaii with an annual pay of $29,000.The experience that a forensic medical examiner has is also a determining factor in his wage.

The table below illustrates the effect of years of experience in the determination of salary of a FME:

Years of experience

Pay range/USD

1-4 $26,577 to $50,665
5-9 $34,689 to $59,885
10-19 $36,634 to $49,623
>20 $37,828 to $45,781

The average salary of Medical Examiner  is often compared to the salary of a Police OfficerOther than the factors of years of experience and the state in which a medical examiner lives, there is the factor of additional degrees that may influence the final amount received by a medical examiner. And of course, the larger the organization that a person works for, the higher is the pay! So, if you thought all that forensic examiners do is cut up lifeless bodies, think again!