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Salary of A Medical Transcriptionist


Basic Medical Transcriptionist Salary Information:

On average a Medical Transcriptionist salary is about $39,000 per year. That’s about $15.82 per hour.Who are Medical Transcriptionists? Many people don’t know that such a job actually exists, but it is an important job none the less. Medical Transcriptionists usually translates dictated professional doctors or physicians written report and documents, in addition to that they also have some clerical duties if they work in a doctor’s office.  Also, the job growth of this profession is not that high and is at around 6 percent, which is relatively lower than the average.

There are two tables drawn below. The first one shows the top paying states for this profession. The second one shows the variance in salary as you gain more experience. How much does a Medical Transcriptionist make is shown in the table below:


Average Salary





New York








North Carolina



Average Salary

Less than 1 year

$14,380 – $50,868

1 to 4 years

$13,942 – $41,280

5 to 9 years

$13,829 – $37,259

10 to 19 years

$16,570 – $48,290

More than 20 years

$14,925 – $49,078

As you can see from the tables above, the most top paying state is New York. This is not a surprise as New York boasts the highest salary for most professions. In Table 2 you can see that there is a slight drop in salary when you 5 to 9 years of experience. However, there is a boost in your salary as you get around to a higher experience than that. This phenomenon will be described in the next paragraph.

Factors that impact how much does a Medical Transcriptionist make.

The Medical Transcriptionist salary is often compared to the salary of a Massage Therapist. One might think that how much does a Medical Transcriptionist make is not that much. And normally I wouldn’t argue with that. But, the salary of this profession varies on a lot of factors. The most important one of them all is your productivity. If you are fast and effective you can earn up to $70000, just sitting in your room.  This is further increased if you are a Certified Medical Transcriptionist. So, you see the amount of salary totally depends on the person doing the job. There is a fixed salary because the quantity of your work is your own salary. Other than this geographical locations have an effect. But more so your own medical knowledge has an even higher efficiency. The more terminology you know, the better you understand the anatomy, the more you earn. Education matters a lot.

Medical Transcriptionists is a probably not an easy job. A lot of people will rely on your work to understand the human body and its diseases better. But on the plus side, if you are good at it you can just sit home relax and earn more than most does, with comfort.

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