Nurse Assistant Salary

Basic Nurse Assistant Salary Information:

The nurse assistant salary stretches from $18,354 – $34,908. This makes the average  salary at around $24,455. This salary includes overtime and bonus with it. Nurse assistants are more vital and important that what most people might think.  They spend a lot of time with patients, more than any other medical professions. This gives them an insight into the world of the patient, which is quite crucial.  The salary of a Nurse Assistant however changed depending on the locations and experience. The table below will illustrate this.

State Hourly salary range
Michigan $9.61 – $15.21
Pennsylvania $10.05 – $17.11
Ohio $8.38 – $14.62
Oklahoma $9.43 – $12.61
California $9.99 – $16.22
North Carolina $8.82 – $14.34
Minnesota $10.53 – $17.69

Experience Hourly salary range
Less than a year $8.18 – $14.27
1 to 4 years $8.68 – $14.36
4 to 9 years $8.68 – $15.37
10 to 19 years $9.75 – $17.13
More than 20 years $9.50 – $15.41

As you can see from the tables above the salary varies by quite a lot depending on those two factors. The first table shows how much does a Nurse Assistant make with different locations, and the second table shows the change in salary with years of experience. But these are not all that matters when it comes to the salary of a Nurse Assistant.

Factors that impact how much does a Nurse Assistant make.:

One the biggest factors other experience and location is the industry type. Industry matters because it directly dictates the number of hour you have to work. Therefore your salary is also highly affected. Some of the most popular industries are:

 Location Hourly Rate
Health Care $8.66 – $14.37
Hospital $8.92 – $14.84
Nursing Home $8.60 – $13.75
Home Health Care $8.31 – $14.41
Acute Care Hospital $9.21 – $15.44

Another thing that affects the salary of a nurse assistant is the qualification. This helps you to get a job and also get promotions faster. Some of the top degrees are:

 Qualification          Hourly Rate
Associate’s Degree             $9.72 – $15.23
Bachelor’s Degree

            $8.29 – $16.13


Certificate (Cert), Nursing Assistant Studies

         $8.28 – $11.8


And lastly what matters is the specific skill a nurse assistant possesses. What that means is that the type of care they provide, or their own field of expertise.  These are also as follows:

  • Elder Care$8.75 – $14.96
  • Geriatrics$8.60 – $15.26
  • Acute Care$8.87 – $16.07
  • Medicine / Surgery$9.16 – $16.72
  • Hospice-$8.89 – $14.51
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)$9.49 – $17.91
  • Telemetry$9.59 – $15.96

Verdict on Nurse Assistant salary:

The  Nurse Assistant Salary is often compared to the salary of a Judge. Nurse assistants are said to be the most satisfied people as they help people who are in pain and assist them in getting back to life. This is the most fulfilling experience any person can have. If you are the generous type and want to care for the people of this world, this just might be the job for you.