Nutritionist Salary

nutritionist salaryBasic Nutritionist Salary Information:

A dietician salary is pretty high, standing currently at an amount of $53,250 per year. What is one of the world’s leading problems right now? To sum it up in one single phrase, we could say that this is ‘chronic diseases.’ So what does that have to do with being a nutritionist? It’s pretty simple, really. People all over the world need help from dietitians to figure out what they can or cannot eat and to plan out their daily meal everyday so that they can achieve a specific heath-related goal. One of the perks of being a nutritionist is that nutritionists are capable of working in range of workplaces, starting from nursing homes to hospitals to cafeterias and even on their own. This gives dietitians a huge choice of workplaces, and thus, more chance of employment.

Being a nutritionist is, however, not an easy task. At first, after finishing high school, one needs to get a bachelors degree and then for 2 more years they have to undergo supervised training. Following this they will be allowed to practice independently.The job outlook of nutritionists is also pretty at 20%, which means that this is much higher than average.

One of the factors that affect the yearly salary of nutritionists is the state in which they live. The pay of nutritionists varies from state to state. The table below showcases the highest paying states in the USA for nutritionist.


Pay per year/USD











From the table, we can read that the highest paying state in the country is Maryland with an annual pay of $77,400.

There are several other factors that affect the pay of nutritionists. Experience is one of the prime factors that affect their annual pay. With an increase in experience a dietitian is expected to be more efficient at designing diets, helping people to achieve their health-related goals faster.

The following table will show how much does a nutritionist make with years of experience:

Years of Experience

Pay range/USD

Less than 1 year $23,000 to $50,868
1-4 $28,581 to $55,245
5-9 $31,562 to $70,957
10-19 $34,183 to $50,421
>20 $39,305 to $112,329

Verdict on Nutritionist salary:

The Nutritionist salary  is often compared to the salary of a Photographer. Other than years of experience, there is the factor of additional degrees, place of employment and perks and benefits enjoyed by the person that will affect his or her final salary. If a person is employed by a famous organization that is relatively large, his or her pay naturally tends to be a little higher than one who is employed otherwise.

Nutritionist seems to be a great career, but only undertake the profession that suits you best.