Occupational Therapist Salary

occupational therapist salaryBasic Occupational Therapist Salary Information:

The median pay of Occupational therapist salary per year is about $72,320. Have you decided yet, what you want to be for the rest of your life? Which will be your profession of dreams that you can undertake without ever regretting? This is a particularly awkward question to answer. Especially since it isn’t the Dark Ages anymore and there thousands of millions of professions that you could choose from. It gets rather confusing. And of course, we must always choose a profession that suits us the best. Working in the healthcare industry is the professional dream of many people. Helping and serving people gives many people a superior kind of job satisfaction. Many people go through their entire professional lives without ever knowing what job satisfaction means.

If you want to work in the healthcare industry, you may be interested in the profession of occupational therapist. They are also known as Vocational Therapist. It is the job of an occupational therapist to vocationally train disadvantaged individuals so that they can lead a normal life again. An occupational therapist designs equipment to this purpose and trains these people in their use. They help disadvantaged people acquire the basic skills necessary for an independent living.

Occupational therapists are in high demand.  They also have very high job outlook, which is about 33%. This is much, much higher than average.


Annual pay/USD

New York






Virgin Islands


Washington DC










New Jersey


While this table lists the highest paying states, the difference with the lowest paying states is about $30,000 per year. In the following table we will get to know how much does a occupational therapist makes with experience.

Years of experience

Pay range

Less than 1 year $43,850 to $70,361
1-4 $41,256 to $76,269
5-9 $39,594 to $77,211
10-19 $46,811 to $87,066
More than 20 $57,780 to $107,286

The Occupational Therapist salary is often compared to the salary of a JudgeFrom the above table we can see that the more experience that an occupational therapist has, the more will be their income. This is probably because the more experience an occupational therapist has, the more likely they will be to developing a large number of patients who trust them. Other than the factor of state or experience, there is also the question of extra degrees that an occupational therapist may possess. The more specialized a therapist, the higher will be his wage in the market. In addition to this, the place of employment is also another important determining factor in the field of wage: working for a famous organization, means higher pay, naturally. Also, it is important to note that the more perks and benefits an organization offers, the lower will be the pay.

So, if you choose to be an occupation therapist, keep all of these in mind.