Occupational Therapy Assistant Salary

Occupational Therapy Assistant salary

Basic Occupational Therapy Assistant Salary Information:

The  Occupational Therapy assistant salary goes from $29,875 to $70,176. This gives this job a median salary of around $48,081. The job of occupational Therapist Assistant is to provide treatment to children and adults of all ages with disabilities, injuries, and illnesses under the supervision of occupational therapists. The pay varies from state to state and increases as you get more experienced as you will see in the Tables below.


Hourly mean wage

Annual mean wage







New Jersey









The above is the table for the most top paying states for this occupation. In these states the salary varies because of the living quality and the demand of the job. How much does a occupational therapy assistantsmake is shown in table below:


Average Annual Salary

Less than a year

$27,000 – $35,000

1 to 4 years

$23,315 – $62,139

The table above shows a rough estimation on the amount of salary you might expect to get in this profession after a certain period of time. The salary increases you get more experienced, but it stops increasing and after 4 years, the increase in salary pretty much comes to a standstill. After that you can expect to increase your salary through further education.

Factors that impact how much does a Occupational Therapy Assistant make:

The factors that influence this profession are mostly Geographical. After that comes the industry setting. Your salary might vary a lot depending on the type of industry you are working in. Some of the top paying industries are:


Hourly mean wage

Annual mean wage (2)

Home Health Care Services



Employment Services



Nursing Care Facilities



 Health Practitioners Officer



Specialty Hospitals



You can also increase your  salary by a whole if you are a certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA). But, this is not all; your salary also varies depending on the type on employer you work for. By this I mean is that if you work for a company you can earn a lot more than that of which you will earn if you work in a hospital. The other factor is the work rate. The more you work, the better your remuneration. If you work overtime, you salary will increase a lot. So basically it comes down to Location, Certification, Nature of the Job and experience.

The average Occupational Therapy Assistants salary  is often compared to the salary of a FBI agent. The salary for this profession is quite good, and if you’re a professional in the field you will earn a lot. This is increased by the Bonus and additional advantages the organization provides for you. Overall this is a really good profession.