Perfusionist salary

perfusionist salaryBasic Perfusionist Salary Information:

The average yearly perfusionist salary in the US was $109,773 in the year 2012. The job outlook of perfusionists is also pretty high, standing at about 28%.

Many people have the dream of becoming a doctor when they are little. But the important point to note is that many back out as soon as they pass out of high school. Sometimes because it is because of the expenses of studies and sometimes it is because of the sheer load of studying. Once you become a doctor, your studies will only start and not finish. This is one profession in which studying never stops. However if you are drawn to the humanity aspect of being a doctor, there are many ways to serve humanity without being a doctor. Many people work in a hospital, not only doctor, without the service of whom, a hospital would come to a virtual and practical stand-still. A perfusionist is a relatively new profession. Not many people know what it means. The job of a perfusionist is to operate a heart-lung machine. This may sound pretty easy but it is, in fact, very vital. Whenever a person is undergoing an open heart surgery, his heart is brought to a stop and he is connected to a heart-lung machine which will be responsible for maintaining his oxygen saturation level throughout the course of the procedure. Thus the job of a perfusionist is to operate this heart-lung machine and ensure the survival of the patient undergoing surgery.

In order to be a perfusionist, a person is required to have a bachelors degree in any science subject. Then he may undertake an accreditation course in the field of perfusionists. He or she may also be required to undertake a masters degree in perfusionist also.

The following table illustrates how much does a perfusionist make is shown in table below:




$81,952 to $95,000


$70,500 to $100,483


$65,328 to $96,828

New York

$100,058 to $147,426


$80,729 to $102,946


$68,047 to $116,997


$76,323 to $87,403


The table below shows the difference in pay with experience of a perfusionist:

Years of experience

Pay range/USD

Less than one year $68,784 to $97,563
1-4 $60,820 to $101,754
5-9 $49,665 to $135,905
10-19 $78,327 to $126,128
>20 $88,037 to $143,545

Verdict on Perfusionist  salary:

The  Perfusionist  salary is often compared to the salary of a FirefighterSo, if you’re about to undertake the profession of a perfusionist , keep in mind that this is a highly rewarding job. Though it requires much technical knowledge and experience, it is very highly paid and allows you to serve humanity without being a doctor!