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Salary of a Personal Trainer

salary personal trainer

Basic Salary Information:

A personal trainer helps you to get to the shape you want you be in. They maintain your diet, your work-out regime and your schedule. A personal trainer can either be work under a gym, or as a private trainer of celebrities or anyone. However, this changes the amount of salary one gets.  This salary is further influenced by the location in which you seek to be a personal trainer in and the years of experience you have doing so. As it stand now a personal trainer can earn from anywhere from $20,280 – $83,936. This gives this profession an average salary of $38,145.

Below is a list of the top-paying states in United States of America for the job personal trainer. How much does a personal trainer make can known from table below:

State Average Range of Salary
Texas $23,178 – $58,302
California $27,000 – $62,883
Illinois $12,365 – $76,773
Florida $15,319 – $63,616
Minnesota $20,679 – $77,310
New Jersey $23,757 – $64,111
Colorado $18,246 – $49,316


The salary also increases as you get more experienced. The table illustrating that is given below.

Experience Average Range Of Salary
Less than a  year $14,563 – $41,484
1 to 4 years $17,426 – $59,388
5 to 9 years $24,178 – $71,681
10 to 19 years $20,769 – $62,510
More than 20 years $14,707 – $63,616

As a personal trainer you always have to stay fit. This means that you have to look your best, so that the person who is willing to hire you will think that you are the best. This means that as you get old you will not be able to maintain your body, and this your income level decreases.

Other Factors and Influences that determine salary:

Level of certification is probably the biggest factors when it comes to personal trainers. Having a higher level of certification will ensure you to get more clients and have a higher salary of a Personal Trainer . Group Fitness Instructor on average earns $47,659/year working full-time. A Personal Trainer makes $53,323/year and an Advanced Health & fitness Specialist makes on average $55,771/year.

The average salary of Personal Trainer  is often compared to the salary of a WelderAnother thing that affects the industry as mentioned in the first paragraph. You will earn more as a personal trainer than in a fitness club, and even more if you are in the health care industry.

  • Fitness Club – $18,121 – $59,874
  • Personal Training – $14,738 – $69,810
  • Health Care – $20,273 – $177,539

These are basically all the factors that truly matters. If you like working out, and want to help people be in their top shape, this is a really great job with a pretty nice pay.

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