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Salary of a Pharmacist


Basic salary information:

Pharmacists play vital roles in our society. Pharmacists carry out the final step in the treatment of a patient. They are responsible for dispensing the correct medications as per the prescriptions of a doctor for a patient. They also have the responsibility of supplying relevant information regarding the medication to the patient. In addition to both of these duties, a pharmacist may be expected to advise health practitioners regarding various aspects of a medication, such as a dosage, adverse effects, mechanisms and other useful information. As we can see, pharmacists play a vital role in the healthcare industry. Thus, as expected, their salaries are also equally high. The mean salary of a pharmacist in the United States is around $116,670 per year. This is considerably and by far higher than that of most professionals. It’s not only the pay that matters to people; one is often concerned about the Job Outlook for a particular profession. The job outlook of pharmacists is also much higher than that of most professions. It is approximately around 32%, which means that a new graduate in the pharmacy will have almost no trouble finding a job right after finishing university.

Of course, the pay of pharmacists varies from state to state and the following table aims to highlight how much does a pharmacist make in the US:


Pay per annum/USD

New York




Virgin Islands














New Jersey


Other than the factor of state, there are various other factors that affect the final salary received by a pharmacist. One of the more important factors is the number of years of experience that a person has behind them. As experience increases so do the salary.

Below is a table that illustrates the increase in salary of a Pharmacist with the years of experience.


Pay per annum/USD

Less than 1 year


1-4 Years


5-9 years


10-20 years


More than 20


The average salary of a pharmacist is often compared to the salary of a Physical Therapist Assistant. Other factors that determine the salary of a pharmacist is the setting under which he/she is employed. For example, a hospital usually tends to pay higher wages than that offered by private clinics or departmental stores. And naturally, well-reputed institutions pay higher wages than not-so-well-reputed institutions. Another major factor in determining the salary of pharmacists is the acquiring of additional degrees. A better-qualified individual will always be paid a higher wage than a less qualified individual.

Thus if you’re choosing pharmacy as your career, make sure you’re in the right place at the right time and under the right people.

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