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Basic salary information:

There are too many types of jobs in the world out there. Life was simpler when one had to choose between being a hunter or a forager or a fisherman. The many specialties and super-specialties that have evolved over the years only serve to make us more confused as to which should be our ideal profession. One such super-specialty is a pharmacy technician. While the job sounds like it’s relatively easy, it is, in fact, not. It comes with its own set of responsibilities. The job of a pharmacy technician is to assist a licensed pharmacist in their job of dispensing medication to the general public. The pay is considerably lower than that of licensed pharmacists, but it is much higher than other jobs. The average yearly pay of Pharmacy technicians is $28,400. Another factor that matters when choosing a profession as your career is the Job Outlook. The Job Outlook for pharmacy technicians is around 32%, meaning that it is much higher than that of other professions. One good thing about this profession is that it doesn’t require you to have expensive university degrees. A high school is usually sufficient to land you the job. The salary for pharmacy technicians is usually depends upon the state that one works in.

The table below shows us the highest paying states in the US for Pharmacy Technicians:


Pay per annum/USD



New York


Virgin Islands








American Samoa








As we can see, Mississippi and New York are the highest paying states in the country. The lowest paying state in the country (not mentioned in the table) is Hawaii at $22,000.

Other than the factor of location, there are various factors that determine the pay of individuals in this profession. One of the more important factors in this profession, like other professions, is the experience. How much does a Pharmacy technician make is a table below:


Pay per annum/USD

1-4 Years $24,565 to $28,659
5-9 years $25,129 to $ 31,249
10-20 years $27,986 to $32,597
More than 20 $30,546 to $36,745

The average salary for Pharmacy Technician is often compared to the salary of a Radiologic Technologist. There are plenty other factors that will determine the final pay for a Pharmacy Technician. One of the factors is the acquisition of an extra certification course. Those with certified courses in being a Pharmacy Technician are paid higher wages. Another factor is the place of work of a technician. The highest wages are paid by federal executive branches and outpatient care centers, whereas, the lowest is paid by grocery stores and shopping malls.

So, if choose to be a Pharmacy Technician, make sure you keep all these factors in mind!

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