Photographer Salary

photographer salary and job descriptionBasic Photographer Salary Information:

The photographer salary can go from $19,536 – $86,536 per annum. One of the best jobs in the world is probably photographer. You get to do what you love the most and get paid for doing so. The salary of a photographer is a lot, more than one would think. But it needs a lot of hard work and dedication to become one. Just having a DSLR doesn’t make you a photographer. This makes the average salary of a photographer to be around $37,199. However, the salary fluctuates a lot and depends on a lot of factors. Some photographers can earn more than $100,000.

Location is the biggest factors when it comes to photography. Not just for the photo itself, but also the salary. The table below will illustrate how much does a photographer make this.

State Photographer of Salary
California $24,053 – $98,770
New York $24,832 – $123,442
Texas $19,923 – $65,913
Illinois $30,637 – $61,444
Minnesota $24,328 – $60,577
Virginia $23,757 – $89,756
North Carolina $19,200 – $42,500

As I have said before, that photographers can earn way over $100,000, you can see that happening in New York as a photographer can get a salary of up to $123,442. This is achieved through years of experience. As you get more experience, you get more money. This is shown is the table below.

Experience Photographer of Salary
Less than 1 year $25,283 – $39,494
1 to 4 years $19,000 – $55,622
5 to 9 years $24,225 – $61,406
10 to 19 years $30,566 – $74,294
More than 20 years $24,240 – $99,329

Factors that impact how much does a Photographer make:

Other than you being able to capture the moment and being a phenomenal photographer, there are a lot of things that affect the salary other than location and experience. One of  them is the industry setting. There is a huge difference in salary depending on whether you work in an advertising agency or a retail industry. This is shown below.

  • Portrait Photography – $18,475 – $72,719
  • Photofinishing Services – $15,000 – $342,500
  • Photographic Products Store – $18,246 – $71,015
  • Retail – $32,215 – $99,329
  • Advertising Agency – $30,513 – $51,492
  • Marketing, Advertising, and Media Management – $27,774 – $60,923

Verdict on Photographer salary:

The Photographer Salary  is often compared to the salary of a Pilot. If you are in the Photography business and end up being fashion photographer you will earn a lot of money. So this matters a lot. Being a photographer for a magazine like ‘Playboy’ can see you earn way over $120,000. Education is also a big factor. Having a higher degree can see you mix with the right sort of people with you coming off strong. This will help you land big jobs and better contracts. Last but not least Employee type is one of the hugest factors. This can see you earning from $40,000 to over $220,000. Some of the best paying Employee are:

  • Self-Employed – $16,500 – $135,000
  • Government – Federal – $40,695 – $84,707
  • Contract – $36,500 – $260,991

Photography is really a dream job. You get to travel the world and meet exciting people. It truly is one of the best jobs in the world, if you are good at it.