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Salary of a Physical Therapist

 salary Physical Therapist Working with Patient

Basic Salary Information:

Physical Therapists are a specialized group of people you have been trained to help people with physical debilities live their lives better by helping them achieve greater autonomy as far as movement is concerned and also in such a way as to reduce pain. The average pay of people of this profession, according to a study conducted in 2010, slightly more than $76,000 per year. This profession has a very bright outlook, as we can see from the statistics that the Job Outlook for this profession is about 39%, meaning that it is much higher than average. As the average pay of physical therapist is really high and the outlook is also high, it can be safely said that this would be a wise choice of profession.

The following table aims to present the pays of Physical Therapists by state, starting from the highest:

Name of state




New York




Virgin Islands










American Samoa


New Jersey


We can see how the salaries of PTs vary from state to state. Another major factor determining the wage of any profession is the experience. Experience is a very big factor in PT as well. How much does a Physical Therapist make with increase in experience can be seen in table below:



1-4 Years $50,224 to $70,420
5-9 years $55,635 to $82,432
10-20 years $57,730 to $93,272
More than 20 $55,011 to $98,239

The average salary of Physical Therapist  is often compared to the salary of a Pharmacist. There are many other factors that determine how the salaries will be for an individual PT. one of the most important of these is where the PT actually delivers his therapy. The highest amount is usually paid by institutions that are involved with Management, Technical and scientific consultation. The second highest is paid for the PTs who deliver their services to the homes of the final consumers. The next highest amount is paid if the job comes with employment facilities, and the next is if the job comes with a nursing home facility. The least is paid if the PT is delivering services that are focused on a community of the elderly.

Compared to the other professions in the same field, the PT gets paid the highest. The average salary of a chiropractor is $67 200. The average salary of an audiologist is $66,660 and the average salary of a speech language pathologist is $66,920. All of the salaries of the related professions are much less than that of the average Physical Therapist.