Pilot Salary

Pilot Salary and job description Basic Pilot Salary Information:

The pilot salary is around $121,759. As a pilot you get to travel to various countries and earn money in doing so. This sounds like one of the best jobs one can think of. As a pilot your job is to drive a plane safely to its destination. This sounds easy and to some it is east. But, being a pilot is not a cakewalk. You need a lot of education. This is due to the high demand for the job. The job outlook for this profession is at around 11 percent which is about as fact as the average growth. However, the salary varies depending on the sates and experience by a lot. The tables below will illustrate how much does a pilot make in salary.


Average Range of Pilot Salary


$38,783 – $206,500


$34,724 – $220,211


$50,684 – $194,888

New York

$23,700 – $174,524


$35,479 – $167,689


$25,168 – $210,578


$30,201 – $198,659

The First table shows the top paying states for this profession. This is due to the quality of living and the demand of the job in these states. As you can see the salary of a pilot is a lot. More than most jobs in the United States. This also scales very well with experience and increases to over $230,000 as you cross the 20 year mark.


Average Range of  Pilot  Salary

Less than 1 year

$24,417 – $54,045

1-4 years

$22,767 – $98,633

5-9 years

$37,788 – $147,949

10-19 years

$46,170 – $195,020

20 years or more

$96,904 – $230,317

Factors that impact how much does a Pilot make:

One of the factors that affect the salary of a Pilot is the type of aircraft he or she pilots. Depending of the type of aircraft the salary varies.

Aircraft Type

Annual Salary

Boeing 737-800/900

$96,958 – $239,199

Airbus A320

$72,500 – $150,000

Boeing 747-400

$36,065 – $216,220

Boeing 737

$62,500 – $167,463

Boeing 777-200

$117,447 – $164,848

Boeing 767-300

$146,501 – $204,181

Boeing 767

$90,000 – $171,914

Then there is education. This is fairly simple; as you get more skilled and educated on your field you earn more money. Then there is the factor of you being a Airline pilot, or a Helicopter pilot or a military pilot. Among these three Airline Pilots attracts the highest salary.

Verdict on Pilot salary:

The Pilot salary is often compared to the salary of a Fashion Designer. Out of all the airline jobs, being a Pilot is one of the best. It lets you tour the world and earn a hefty amount of cash doing so. This is great job that is highly encouraged by a everyone. If flying is your dream, you should seriously consider being a Pilot.