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Podiatrist Salary

podiatrist salaryBasic Podiatrist Salary Information:

The podiatrist salary in the US was $118,030. Have you always dreamt of working in the healthcare industry? Has it been your dream to serve humanity and help people live a better life? Being a doctor is too mainstream these days. Most people try to specialize in the different organs of the body these days. Specialists are paid much higher wages than GPs. This, everyone is aware of. Podiatrist is one such occupation that is highly specialized in the field of the lower limbs. Anyone who is suffering from any kind of disease of the lower limbs may be referred to a podiatrist and they will manage the case by either medicine or, if necessary, surgery.

Being a podiatrist, naturally, requires one to pass the medical licensing examinations, or, in other words, one has to be a doctor first. And then they may specialize in the field of the lower limbs. This requires long years of studying and then passing exams and eve longer years of residency until finally one may be called a podiatrist.

The job outlook is also very handsome, standing at a figure of 20%. There are many factors that may influence the ultimate salary of a podiatrist and one of the important factors is the state in which they practice their trade.

The table below shows how much does a podiatrist make in the US:


Annual pay/USD















Thus, the highest paying state in the US, as far as being a podiatrist is concerned is Michigan with an annual pay of $173,730.

Other than having state I which they live play a significant role in determining their salaries, podiatrists also are paid higher wages according to the years of experience which they have.

The table below will show the comparison by years of experience in the podiatrist salary:

Years of experience

Pay range/£

Less than one year










The  Podiatrist salary is often compared to the salary of a LawyerPodiatrist may work for public or private healthcare provider firms. Private firms may pay an exorbitant amount of salary to a podiatrist if they believe that this will attract many patients. A famous podiatrist may be paid an annual salary of over $220,000. This is a lot of money but to reach that level, one will often have to go through a lot toil and trouble.

If you have been thinking of a super-specialty, may be, this is your dream profession!