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Salary of a Preschool Teacher

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Basic Salary Information:

The purpose of a preschool teacher is to prepare children for kindergarten and elementary school. They regularly organize small educational activities like drawing, singing, and reading,etc, for children and also get involved with them in these activities. This professional fetches a salary from around $17,967 – $38,402. This makes the average salary of a preschool teacher to be at around $25,454. This salary is further varied depending on the geographical location and experience of a preschool teacher. How much does a preschool teacher make shown in the two tables below.

State Hourly Salary Rate
California $9.78 – $18.41
Florida $8.24 – $14.77
Texas $8.48 – $15.18
Ohio $8.26 – $14.90
Massachusetts $10.36 – $18.97
Pennsylvania $8.15 – $15.12
Washington $9.26 – $17.48


Experience Hourly Salary Rate
Less than a year $7.77 – $15.09
1 to 4 years $8.41 – $15.53
5 to 9 years $8.88 – $16.76
10 to 19 years $9.66 – $17.85
More than 20 years $9.41 – $20.50

In the first table above you can see the most top most paying states for the preschool Teachers. You will see that the salary varies by quite a lot when it comes to this. Preschool are not available in less developed states and countries, so the more developed the country the better your salary. The second thing is experience, but that is quite obvious as a teacher will always earn more than they have more experience in handling their jobs.

Other Factors and Influences that determine salary:

What a teacher needs more than a one is education. They are the source of knowledge for the kids of tomorrow and the better educated they are, the more educated the younger generation will be, That is why certification plays a huge role in determining the salary.  That is not all, employee type and industry setting also has a huge role. Different schools pay differently to preschool teachers. This is due to the demand and the need of preschool of that state. But industry setting is a whole different thing and it is shown below.

  • Child Care or Day Care – $8.32 – $15.17
  • Education – $8.85 – $17.02
  • Religious Private K-12 Education – $8.89 – $17.38
  • Church – $8.49 – $14.89
  • Youth Services – $8.62 – $15.66

The average salary of Preschool Teacher  is often compared to the salary of a Teacher. Being a Preschool teacher can be a great satisfaction. You get to work in a friendly environment with kids, and be a role model for them. The salary is also good. Overall this is a good profession.

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