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Salary of a Radiologic Technologist

salary radiology

Basic Salary Information:

Radiologic Technology is a super-specialty. It deals with the radiologic imaging of the various parts of a patient’s body for the purpose of diagnosis of various diseases. One very common and familiar example of this is the taking of an X-ray image to determine if there are any fractures in bones. There are many sub-specialties in this profession and many degrees may be taken. If one is a Radiological Technologist, he/she may be expected to work in a hospital or a clinic setting. The median pay of a Radiologic Technologist is $64,000 per annum. As far as salary goes, this is a very attractive profession. But more than the salary, there is the attractive Job Outlook also. The Job Outlook of this profession is 28%, considerably higher than average.

The following table aims to hold up the highest paying states in America, as far as Radiological Technology is concerned:


Pay per annum/USD

New York




Washington DC












American Samoa




The average salary of Radiologic Technologist  is often compared to the salary of a Ultrasound technician. As well the state in which the RT is working, there are various other factors that affect the pay of an RT. A few such factors are experience, auxiliary benefits enjoyed, place of employment and further education or degrees. It goes without saying that the more degrees in the sub-specialties that and RT has, the more will be his/her salary. Place of employment such hospitals tend to pay higher wages than that offered by private clinics. The more auxiliary services that are enjoyed by a person, the less is the wages, as in all cases of employment. Naturally, if a person works for a well reputed institute, their salaries tend to be higher than those not working for a well-reputed institute. Degrees such as an associate’s degree in radiology really boost a person’s ability to earn in the higher scales of this profession.

The following table aims to explain how experience determines the how much does a  Radiological Technologist make:


No. of years

First year $29833 to $49791
1-4 years $30666 to $46685
5-9 years $23797 to 54045
10-19 years $75987 to $90000

 Thus we can see from the table that the amount received by an RT jumps really high from the tenth year of experience.

As radiology is a super-specialty in the field of diagnosis by imaging, this profession also holds a lot of importance in the world of Medicine.