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Registered Nurse Salary

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Basic Registered Nurse Salary Information:

The registered nurse salary in the Unites States of America is around $69,110: one of the highest paid jobs in the country. Nursing is one of the most satisfying jobs in the world. There are very few people who have not yet heard the name of The Lady with The Lamp. Florence Nightingale was a nurse and she helped make the lives of tens of thousands of wounded and sick soldiers better. Registered Nurses are a respected profession as well a highly paid one. In addition to being a great financial offer, this job also come with a high Job Outlook. The Job Outlook of a RN in the US is around 42%: which is much higher than that of most professions. In fact, instead of nurses complaining that they can’t find a good job fast enough, it’s the other way round. The employers complain that they can’t find and retain good registered nurses. So high is the demand for RNs. The salary of RN’s may be expected to vary from state to state.

Below is given a table which showcases some of the highest paying states in the field of registered nursing:


Pay per annum/USD

New York




Virgin Islands












New Jersey


The Registered Nurse Salary is often compared to the salary of a Paramedic. There is considerable variation from state to state depending upon the need of RNs in the given state and the employment opportunities available. Some of the lowest paying states pay half the money of that paid by some of the highest paying states. Experience is another major factor in determining the salary range of not only nursing, but most other professions. The table below aims to display how experience can make a world of difference in the final pay received by a registered nurse. How much does a Registered Nurse make can be seen in table below:


No. of years

Less than 1 year $31069 to $64614
1-4 Years $36718 to $69429
5-9 years $39905 to $78204
10-20 years $42735 to $84522
More than 20 $42897 to $89613

Verdict on Registered Nurse salary:

Thus, with experience, there is a sharp rise in the annual salary received. There are, of course, many other factors that determine further the amount received by a nurse. The first of these is the ability to bargain with the employer. The second of the factors is the employer themselves. A small employer will pay a small sum of money, but a large and well-reputed employer will pay a large sum of money. The amount of specialist degrees of a registered nurse also determines how much she/he is paid. The type of specialist degrees is also important: a nurse trained in ICU management or Cardio-Respiratory distress management earns much higher wages than average.